Arcturis spawn timer

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Any one know what the spawn timer is on this spirit beast and if any one on velen has caught it lately and when?
Spent all day yesterday camped for this beast after staying up til 8pm server i went to bead woke up at 12:48pm server out of the blue and choose to get on to see if he was there sure enough as soon as I logged on he was sitting right there and I caught him with no effort at all. I used NPC Scan and cleared my cashes to make sure his warning went off.

Seems to hold true to the 21 hour spawn timer maby
I was under the impression it was 6 hours. Relatively quick spawn, one location, easier of the rares IMO.

Server resets do funky things to the timers. Some of them reset it so you can log in and find them, some of them continue on the current timer and some reset it as if you just missed the spawn.
The spiritbeasts seem to be on incredibly random timers to me. It stinks but... your best bet is to just keep waiting. Go into windowed mode, be sure "sound in the background" is turned on and mute the sound... then turn on NPC scan's feature "unmute for alert sound" -- guarantees you won't miss it. Then do whatever else you want. That's how I camped most of my rarespawns anyway! Good luck :)
Same here, about a week before cata came out I sat at his spawn location for 22 hours and got him. Had NPC tracker turned on, speakers on full blast but the game muted. Lots of things happened in between then: went to sleep with that setup, got a few hunters showing up to F with me (taking out their arcturis to set off my alarm), a paladin ganker, a few desperate gankers who would stand on the tip of the trees, fellow hunters trying to tame it.

Then friday night I had friends over to drink (I explained the "spirit bear alarm" to them), went up to my room drunk to make sure I didn't dc from inactivity, I did, logged on and arcturis was there. 30 secs after I tamed him the paladin ganked me: imagine if he killed the bear first? Close call.
I have had really bad luck with him. I have been camping his spawn for about 4 days now and I have yet to see him. From what I hear (from other hunters) is that he is hard to get because of the fact that he only has one spawn point and everyone and their mother knows where it is. I spent 20+ hours in game over the weekend and nothing :(. I was trying to pick him up while still at lvl 74 (just wanted to go crazy in BGs with him) but sadly I just started to level again. I figure i'll just head to 80 and then have more options for the spirit beasts.
I finally caught him!
some hunter killed it today at 9:30am =[[ i was just about to tame it, and he says u wish and killed it =[[
I waited like 3 hours one night, woke up checked he wasnt there, went to school came back and waited like 30min and he spawned :D so it took like 16 hours from when i started from him to show.
Been camping for hours for him hope to get him soon =D
Currently waiting to catch him with 3 warriors from alliance seeking to kill this thing for a very strange reason. I know he is NOT part of the achievement. Scratch that. They just killed him as i was typing this. I tried taming but they laughed and killed it. Sweet. 20+ more hours. =D
I have had extremely good luck with taming rare spawns, and Arcturis was my first. Almost every single one I've gone after to get, I've gotten within a couple hours of camping, the exception being Karoma and Numaroc (but I haven't spent much time looking for Numaroc).

I find it best to go very early in the morning (4am-8am EST) as that is when the fewest people are on. Also, get NPC_scan, its an addon that tells you when rare spawns are in the area.

I know people say that rares like Arcturis have 20+ hour spawn timers... but I really haven't seen the evidence of this, since I've caught almost all of my rare's within 2-3 hours of starting to camp, usually at early morning hours. Maybe I'm just lucky though.
6-24 hours like any northrend rare

when he is killed or tamed, the server rolls 6-24, and the resulting number is his spawn timer. gobbstoppr is on the money aside from the + or - 5min thing and the xx:30 thing.

edit: nevermind! i'm wrong! the fella below me tested it!
It's variable. I find Cata rares spawn between 6-24 hours. Arc TECHNICALLY seems to have 8-72 hours, but it's hard to say since peeps need sleep and unless one has a reliable buddy...

Also it only takes 10 seconds to miss a rare. :/
on magtheridon i tamed him at 6:15 am server time today
Been camping almost 17 hours.. Nothing...
when I got him I was checking his spawn every hour and camping it for 15 minutes before I went back to questing. Later on the same day he spawned...just have to be patient with these spirit beasts...they spawn when you least expect it.

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