Arcturis spawn timer

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OK so how do you turn on the "unmute alert sound" option in the interface addOn section???
im still conuzed becaue it doesnt show anything their for that option or will it just make a noise automatically
Spotted him just walking around on a steep hill by a river. I was also specc'd in Beast Mastery, but sadly I was one level too low to tame him. Killed him for the loot on accident. Now I'm camping :P
I got him after trying for 6 months.

I saw him dead a handful of times and 3 times someone killed him whole I was taming.

I was so excited when I finally got him. Now I'm trying for loque'nahak and having one heck of a time getting lucky with him as well.

At least Arcturis spawns in the same spot. Loque is all over the place.
I don't bother camping rare pets. I just park my hunter at a spot where it spawns and play an alt and log in to check on my hunter every half hour and patrol the spawn points for 5 mins. I find that the easiest less frustrating way and I don't get bored.

Using that method I caught Skoll in 1 day. Aotona after 3 days and this was before cata was out and ppl were still in Northrend.

Loque took much longer, over 2 weeks and then found him again 3 days later for the kill achievement.

I go kill Skadi every night trying to get the mount drop. And on the way fly over Arcturis spawn point, sometimes I see a hunter there camping. After 5 days of casual checking I see his faint blue shape, so immediately go tame him. Casual patrolling works best for me, and I've never seen others around competing for the tame. I guess I've been lucky.
Hey question.....what is the npc timer.... how do u set it up and how does it work??? Plz reply cuz i wanna sleep lolz
08/25/2011 04:38 PMPosted by Yorosöri
Hey question.....what is the npc timer.... how do u set it up and how does it work??? Plz reply cuz i wanna sleep lolz

First off, you'd be better off making your own thread rather than asking in an older, only slightly related thread. I'm not avoiding your question by saying this. I just don't get what you're asking. I'm assuming you're misunderstanding a previous reply about an addon or something.
Maybe I was unlucky, but I had to camp him for a while to get him..
went look in for all the spirit beasts today found Loque'nahak and tamed him, been w8tin at Arcturis spawn for 10 hours now, no luck, hopen he spawns soon, have seen alot of hunters come around though, so he is still a hot item here, guess i gotta stay on my toes for him. Can anyone tell me how long he is active b4he despawns??
Lol ive seen him heeps of times but i was to low to get him now the camping begins
I got him and skoll as soon as i flew over their spawn points ^^

Those are my only 2 rares though - i hate camping so i just cba :)
It's true i killed him this morning because a horde was about to tame him and i read someone posted he spawns 10-24 hours after you kill/tame him 7 hours down 3 to go wish me luck...

Started around 7pm on saturday camping his spawn point. He spawned at 2:02am on Saturday morning I started to tame him and a feral druid ganked me and his horde hunter friend tamed him =( been camping since and not a spawn yet =( is 4:37am on Monday now....
I just beat a Troll Hunter to him tonight. I was flying around on my druid in Grizzly Hills and decided to see if he spawned, luckily for me he was up. So I quickly grabbed my hunter. =)

I'm not entirely sure when he spawned, since I didn't see him spawn before me, but I tamed him around 11:55 PM Eastern Server (Staghelm-US). He's a beautiful bear, I must say. Good luck to any other hunters looking for him. =)
Got to grizzly there he was then killed by alli right away
I caught him jus like 30 minutes ago! Was only camping for 1 hour XD
on my server i tend to always see him at 6AM and i got two one on this hunter and the other on my worgen hunter and it was the same time 6AM.
went to sleep with that setup, got a few hunters showing up to F with me (taking out their arcturis to set off my alarm)

LOL, that's cold.
I've had great luck with rare spawns, got bored on my hunter and decided to collect a few, got 5 of them in two days, longest was Loque, took about 36 to see him come up after reset
sounds hard to get. omw there now to catch him..... CROSS UR FINGERS!!!!

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