Holy Priest Haste Requirement

Taken from: http://www.voximmortalis.com/entries/14-Haste-Making-Hots-and-Dots-more-complicated-since-4.0

The general equation in order to determine how much haste is required to add a certain number of ticks to a given HoT or DoT is given as:

[(Desired_Number_of_Ticks – 0.5) / Base_Number_of_Ticks] – 1 = Haste_Needed

It should be noted that the Haste_Needed result will be in decimal form so multiple by 100 to convert to a percent. As an example a Holy Priest's Renew ticks 4 times over 12 seconds, so the required haste to increase up to 5 ticks from the equation would be 12.5%. This 12.5% number is an interesting number, as intuition might lead one to think that in order to get a 5th tick out of a spell that normal has 4 ticks one would have to decrease the time between ticks by 1/4th or 25%. It turns out, however, that as soon as you reach the halfway point to the next tick, in this case 12.5% (half way between 0% and 25%), you get the benefit of the extra tick.

So once you figure out the haste needed to add another tick to your spell, the next thing that needs to be figured out is the amount of haste rating required to reach that percent haste. This can often be confusing with different talents giving haste, along with raid buffs and what not. The formula below will provide you with the needed haste rating in order to achieve a certain haste:

[(Haste_Needed/(Haste_Buff_1*Haste_Buff_2*Haste_Buff_3*....))- 1 ] * 12805 = Haste Rating

The Haste_Needed and Haste_Buff numbers should be in decimal form so if you need 130% total haste you would plug it in as 1.30, and the same goes for buffs such as the Goblins racial buff of 1% which would be input as 1.01. For example, using a Holy Priest's Renew again, we found that we would need 12.5% haste in order to get an additional tick. Assuming we were a Goblin, had 3% haste from a talent, and had a boomkin in our raid for the 5% buff, we would need 383.16 haste rating. 12805 is the haste conversion factor at 85, 128.05, times 100 since we are dealing with decimals

[(1.125) / ((1.01)*(1.03)*(1.05)) -1]*12805 = 383.16

As you can see 383.16 haste rating is a fairly reasonable amount of haste to be able to have with pre-raid /T11 gear. The next haste plateau, at 37.5% (half way between 25% and 50%), requires 3313.86 haste rating which is a bit out of reach of T11 gear without the benefit of additional haste buffs. For example if a warlock were to put Dark Intent on our Holy Priest, adding 3% more haste, our Holy Priest would require no additional haste rating to reach the 12.5% haste plateau, and only 2844 haste rating compared to out previous 3313 rating to reach the next plateau.
Wait...383? First hand testing has lead me to believe it was 448.

I want to test 383 why are the servers down :'(
This is already explained at the top of the forum. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1063426332#3

And with a much easier formula. Even mine has an obvious way to be simplified, if you take a good look at it.

Edit - Er. Maybe without an explanation on converting to haste rating, but all the information to do that is there too. Sorry. I'm still half asleep.
I did some testing myself and i needed to hit right around 448 as well. I believe that's the only computation that is incorrect. Just stick > 3.5% pre raid buffed as goblin or troll and > 4.5% other races assuming you took 3/3 Darkness. I'm not going to fix the math because I was not the original poster.

Hopefully Blizzard with include the talents / racial's into the display soon.
So it was already posted ^^
Theres a hast reguirment lulz? 0.o

sorry don't get mad at me jsut playing seriously though I think people need to rethink the way things work in cata I would say the most important thing is a spirit in cata dude not haste at least for healers, I don't need to cast fast I need to keep casting the right spells at the right time ;)

Just saying this is great theory crafting and all but don't get bugged down in the numbers and so called reguiments I play the way I want and I always make people go WOW I THOUGHT PRIEST WERE BROKEN LOL!. I'm just like nah bro just gotta get through the learning curve and have fun 8)

Peace my priest brothers and sisters 8)
My question is, why do ppl care so much about this extra renew tick? Seems like a lot of effort to get a pretty small gain in HPS, when you could get a bigger one with more mastery instead.
Was going to type a well thought argument as to why some people in this thread are seriously deluded...but then I didn't. Their loss.
01/25/2011 6:33 AMPosted by Dekadron
My question is, why do ppl care so much about this extra renew tick? Seems like a lot of effort to get a pretty small gain in HPS, when you could get a bigger one with more mastery instead.
I wouldn't consider it that small.
The goblin racial "Time is Money" increases cast speed by 1% not haste (this is at least my understanding from the tooltip) so that would mean that it doesn't affect dot ticks. Do you guys have any information that I don't saying its a flat 1% haste buff? Would make me very happy as it would be a decent dps increase for my shadow spec.

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