2200 Rating Weapon Availability* Updated 2/22

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im still dreaming and this is a nightmare

pinch meeee
wow, that is purely ridiculous. So thats going to be what more than half way into the season?

You gave a set date of January 25th and then delay it because PVE Heroes cant kill bosses fast enough?


Awesome. Now give pvpers the availiability to 372 item level gear for our other slots. Seems fair considering Raiders will get full 372 eventually. You want Pvper's to not get higher item levels than raiders before they do, yet eventually they'll have all slots with them, compared to 2-3 slots that will be equal?
ARE YOU SERIOUS? Wow, what an absolute joke.

PvE'ers are bad so we are punished? Unbelievable.

Hey guess what? You're nerfing my class in 4.0.6. How do you think that's going to affect ratings? Just ridiculous.
and pve wins again
May I point out the incredibly small % of players who are capable of capable of obtaining the 2200 weapons? This logic is flawed.
Ya that's cool so you screw over the people who just pvp because you don't want people obtaining higher quality gear too early. Might as well go live on the ptr for the next week.
wow, that's extremely dissapointing
Blizzard plays pve only. This is why Disc is bad in pvp. No one at Blizzard tested it in pvp.

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