2200 Rating Weapon Availability* Updated 2/22

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Has Daxxarri ever PvP'd?
Serious question since everyone knows the "other" 2200 items were never taken out of the NPC in the first place. They're not even upgrades from the regular epic PvP gear- they're just different colors. THE MORE YOU KNOW MR. BLUE.

So we shouldn't expect these weapons for close to another entire month I'm assuming?
I'm curious as to why no one has quoted the initial post that was linked.

Where it says

All existing items requiring 2200 rating will have their minimum level requirement temporarily increased to make those items unusable. This change is currently planned to be reverted on January 25
Weapons which require a 2200 rating will be unavailable for purchase. This limitation is also planned for reversion on January 25.
So, the concept of
You shouldn't PvE with PvP gear applied the the devs huh

that's funny because PvErs who Can down heroics can easily pursue PvP

this is shadowmorne all over again GG blizzard you have to have the most retarded employees ever
01/25/2011 11:07 AMPosted by Jorksie
This has to be a joke. Please prevent all Heroic raid weapons from dropping for any guild whatsoever until the Arena weapons are available as well.

Thank you for treating PvP players as second class citizens.

Your decision making, no matter how lightly or heavily its done, is both poor and insulting.

Screw you.
Wtf why so long, I will already be in full 365 pvp gear and CP capped by the time you release the t2 weapons, how retarded.
Relax, this should not come as a surprise. I mean really, it's blizzard. What can you expect.

It's OK for PVE gear to dominate in a PVP environment, but it's preposterous for the reverse of this to ever happen.

PVP players, you're second class citizens. Proof.
01/25/2011 11:05 AMPosted by Odessa
This is a special kind of retarded, im glad I turned a corner this expansion and decided to devote most of my time to pve anyway - the old "if you cant win, join em" expression and all. You normally don't expect blizzard to outright SAY that they put more emphasis / time on pve balance and content however. (even though its universally known)

Seriously. Quote this thread until the end of WOW. Everytime someone says "that's not balanced!" say "it is for PvE" and then link this post, because if they're delaying content because they don't want PvEers to feel even slightly pressured to PvP you can rest assured every design decision regarding PvP is taken as an ancillary consideration.

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