2200 Rating Weapon Availability* Updated 2/22

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Pretty sure I was PVP'n in STV before i went in an instance.
have they been equipable?
so yeah.. i pretty much dont want to play this game anymore
02/22/2011 5:34 AMPosted by Muleish
have they been equipable?

No they are not.
I have nothing but mistrust and contempt for Blizzard after this.
Wow blizzard goodjob!!! name one season when pvpers didnt have to engage in pve to reach higher end rating... however if anybody questions the fact that just maybe pve might have to pvp to get a weapon which only 2.2k players can achieve u decide to delay it another 2 weeks because it unfair.. that really makes alot of sense especially considering u announced that the weapons were suppose to be out today on an in-game message after the last patch.. pathetic
por que
Blizz... please... give me... my gangsta gear... I don't care about other people... I have earned mine aswell the carebears on my server clearing raids like candy... they outgear me... I deserve my rewards too.
Hmm anyone know how many pages a thread can have before it locks up?...

Let's play a game..
Im confused, the realms restarted, we were not updated and were told they were coming out today. Blizzard honestly ITS NOT HARD TO TYPE ONE POST SAYING.

" Weapons will be delayed once again ".

Rather then giving us the intention that it will be then to login and not see them.

I'm sorry to say it but I could seriously do a better job then you in this case when it comes to communication with 13 million subscriberse.

Even if you say " approximately " 2 days before the restart they would have a good understanding and give us a heads up. Oh well.

Okay it's 2 days before the approximate date of T2 weapons release.

" As of current data many PvE guilds are not were we expected them, we'd most likely advise weapons will not be out but this isn't entirely sure. "

- Signed Blizzard.

Because of the piss poor way in which "we" as in the whole pvp community has been treated, I am debating if i want to play WOW anymore.
IT'S MY T2! IT'S TWO WEEKS AFTER PATCH! I WANT IT NOW! but seriously... wtf?
well this is "approximately' upsetting
I want my T2 weapon so I can have an advantage in PvE. I need it to carry me. Pls halp.
WoW no T2... suprised no.. annoyed yes!
i am tired of sitting on my team

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