2200 Rating Weapon Availability* Updated 2/22

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I'm tired of waiting for people who sticky threads not to follow through.
Its two weeks to the day of the patch and I cant find my weapons. Did you lie to us again Blizz?
02/22/2011 7:11 AMPosted by Quarantine
i hope none of these people take thier 2200 rage to the streets we might have riots in california

Haha yeah I'm in cali and I think im gunna go start a riot because this is some BS blizzard. Now you have a riot on your hands!
ok so pve nubs can use their 272 weapons and be op in arenas but oh NO pvp'er uses a RESIL wepon in a dungeon is a BIG NONO. THAT MAKES no sense because you dont use pvp weapons in pve content anyways. Sigh good thing i canceld my subscription today al come back when t2 comes out gg.
The lack of communication is what ticks me off...Cmon really? Bliz not replying is horse@*!@

hey idea!
They will give us weps AFTER they apply the 30% ICC like buff to the cata raids so it will be not only easier to slay dragons, but yet once again easy for all to obtain pve gear...

...games hard
angry feral, watch out, give her the t2 wep and she will go away
well when the next MMO comes out (rift or Kights of the old republic), im going to be doing that, blizzard you keep lieing to your player base, either anti-up or shut up. This level of disregard is pathetic, you should be ashamed of yourselves, WE are your income, if you keep **%#ing us over, and over, and over, eventually your *base* is going to go away, even if you make your "next" MMO, i still wont get bcause im pissed at you. honestly how hard is it to write "we are delaying the t2 weapons another week, sorry for the inconveince"? i would still be pissed but not angry, you didnt even tell us you wur putting it off let ALONE even bothering to adress it now.......thats not EVEN getting into the whole "PVE'rs getting 2200 for the reason of withholding it", how **%#ing stupid do you think we are? most realms have 9-16 people that even qualify for 2200 weapons let alone people who pve, seriously dont treat us like idiots.

with regards,
I love getting back from class and logging on to see T2 weaps have no been released the only excuse I see them having was yesterday was presidents day!
You're a pretty bad player and really don't deserve your weapon in the first place if you're sitting on 2200 to be completely honest. 2200 should be something an average player can grind up in maybe 4-5 hours of queing with how bad these ques are. if you are sitting on 2200 and holding on for deer life you have zero room to come into this thread and cry about weapons.
As previously announced (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1567814533?page=1), Conquest weapons requiring 2200 rating were to be made available today, January 25, but have been delayed. We currently plan to make the 2200 weapons available APPROXIMATELY two weeks after the release of patch 4.0.6.

Keyword approximately.
Its possible the weapons wont come out til tomorrow, pretty sure blizzard is on holiday today.
02/22/2011 8:26 AMPosted by Nickma
Its possible the weapons wont come out til tomorrow, pretty sure blizzard is on holiday today.

It's tuesday, the day after a holiday ... no excuses
01/25/2011 10:54 AMPosted by Luvyah
Yet again, PVP is screwed by PVE. Good job.

as opposed to being the other way around 90% of the time?
this is a joke... Blizzard should keep their word when they say wepons will be available 2 weeks after 4.0.6 not lie to the people.

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