Visions of the Past quest line

Hi, I was trying to complete quests in Vashj'ir, and I saw the first Vision of the past, helped attack the Naga, and completed Gauging Success / Fallen But Not Forgotten, but now I see no quest giver. This was all at the Ruins of Vashj'ir. Wavespeaker Valoren is nowhere to be found in the Ruins or at the quest hubs nearby. I've looked all over the zone and found her for another quest freeing a whale, but no other quest givers. Perhaps I am stuck in a phase. I don't know what to do to continue with the line. My guess is that I would go towards Biel'aran Ridge, but I find no quest givers there either.

Has anyone else run into this problem, and more importantly, can someone tell me how to get along with this questline, see the 2nd vision, etc.?
Use the dagger again at the original site maybe.

I have a very similar problem as well, it is actually on my Druid. I was on the quest Visions of the Past: The Slaughter of Biel'aran Ridge and went to the spot to use the Blade of the Naz'jar Battlemaiden, and was given the quest By Her Lady's Word.

The point of this quest is to Speak to Fathom-Lord Zin'jatar, Lady Sira'kess, and Overseer Idra'kess.

Fathom-Lord Zin'jatar was nowhere to be found and on wowhead, people were saying by leaving your "vehicle" (your naga body) and starting the quest over, he was spawning for them.

So i tried it about 12-15 times, and decided i would abandon Visions of the Past: The Slaughter of Biel'aran Ridge and By Her Lady's Word and just start over.

Problem is Wavespeaker Tulra who gave me Visions of the Past: The Slaughter of Biel'aran Ridge, is now GONE! So i guess i screwed myself out of getting the vash'jir achievement on my druid.
The Visions of the Past quest is surely the most messed up quest I have encountered. You can't pick it back up once you've abandoned it out of sheer frustration. I finally just gave up the quest.
i am also stuck on the visions of the past quest line.I can't even get the first quest after turning into a naga.I had a gm come on and try and find the quest so i could continue the quest line but she could not even find the quest.Does anyone know of a fix for this bug.
I've screwed it up on Visions of the Past:Rise from the Deep. Was on the middle of it, logged off and when I've logged back on, I was on the nearest graveyard and out of the naga body. When I try to go to the mystical site and use the Blade, it says I've already witnessed that vision. And it keeps saying that even after I've abandoned the quest and got it back from the NPC.
I'm glad to help out those Alliance members looking to complete the 2nd Part of the Visions of the past questline. For some unknown reason I managed to locate Windspeaker Valoren on the second level terrace Dar'shola at co-ords 39,78. There you can pick up the Battlemaiden Blade and start the second part of the naga questline. Believe me I spent hours going back and forth to Tranquil Wash and even Nespira where I first encountered her. Once you finish with the Admiral, head to these co-ords and you will find her again.
For what it's worth. I just completed this chain start to finish this morning on my Priest. I would strongly recommend not starting this chain unless you are planning to do it start to finish. Not logging out in the middle especially if you are on one of the parts where you are a Naga.

I have done it 6 or 7 times now. Had some minor issues when in doubt I would always go to the spot to use the blade keep in mind there are 3 separate locations depending which part of the chain you are on.

Sorry I can't offer specific help just wanted to say that it did seem to be functioning as intended as of this morning.
Sorry for the necro but I'm about to go !@#$ing insane doing this quest. Can someone please help me here? I've ran around for literally hours trying to figure this quest out.....

I'm currently on the second part where you're suppose to witness the battle or whatever.

[Edit] Nevermind, I finally figured it out.

P.S. The previous comments don't make alot of sense so they really couldn't help me out.

P.S.S Whichever dip!@#$ dumbass %^-*tard !@#$faced stupid mofo WoW hired to write those quests needs to be shot...or castrated.
Understand your frustration but mind the forum ToU.
Not trying to be a smartie, but I rather enjoyed this questline on my various alts. I do understand how quests can at times be frustrating for people.
Understand your frustration but mind the forum ToU.

Sorry :(
I was having issues with this quest too. But then I got it. The trick is that there is a another quest about a crucible the Kvaldir stole. Which means you have to go get it first. You find it at Biel'aran Ridge. I hope this helps a little bit. Sorry this is so late a response. Hopefully it will help someone in the future.

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