Low level tanking

I want to learn how to be a good tank, but this is my first time tanking and I'm not really sure the best way to do it at my level. I do keep Righteous Fury up, but my biggest problem is keeping the aggro off the other players. If I can't hold the aggro and an enemy starts attacking another player, what is the best way to get it back off? Specifically how to find the right enemy I guess. If its out of my line of site, how am I able to find the enemy easily without looking around for it? Thanks for any advice.
The addons tidyplates/threat plates helps out immensely.

Best way is to set up a kill order and hand of reckoning any stray mobs back to you. If the dps attack the wrong mob its their own fault.
Thank you for the response. I'll look into those addons immediately.
I'm not really an experienced player... how do I set up a kill order?
And is there a good guide to help new tank players like me? I've always played DPS and experimented a little in healing, but I'm really interested in learning to tank and be good at it.
Before you get HoR, I'd say the most important thing is trying to keep pulls at 3 or less. Also, unless you are pulling casters, don't pull with avenger shield. what happenes too many times is that your AS doesnt bounce on as many targets as possible, and that is about your only decent threat maker at low levels. You gotta make that avenger shield count. Things get a lot better after HoR.... easy mode tanking if you ask me. Also if you do pull more than 3, take note of which ones do not get hit by the avenger shield. Those are priorities for you to wack with strike so you don't lose aggro.
Okay creating a kill order

First go to your keybinds. Key bind your raid icons to some keys on the right side of your keyboard (if right handed). I use

Skull: Shift U
Cross: Shift I
Star: Shift O
Circle: Shift P
Moon: Shift {

Now when you get into a group and reach a group of mobs mark them and spam the following macro:

/p Kill order from first to last: {skull}{cross}{star}{circle}
/p Crowd Control/sheep: {moon}
No one follows kill order in LFD before level 60 from my experience.

Just saying...
Even if I don't use it, I learned something new. I never knew how to do it before and now I do.
Thank you both for responding. Is there a guide geared towards lower level tanking? I've found ones meant for 80+ but nothing really helpful for someone at a low level.
I have to agree that people would most likely ignore your kill orders :( Try something simpler. Personally, I ask my team (politely) to try to let me do the pulling. I also ask them (politely again) to try to focus on my main target. This tip would be particularly helpful while you are waiting on HotR.

Another useful trick to learn (at least in my experience) would be to try and place mobs in between you and your team. After you throw your shield, circle around the incoming mobs by strafing, until the mobs are caught between you and the rest of your team. This enables you to much more easily see if a mob is peeling away from you. It also gives you a couple more seconds to react when you lose threat on a mob.

I cannot tell you how helpful TidyPlates are. When I finally tried them the first thing that popped into my head was "I tanked from 15-50 without this? /facepalm". It's not in anyway necessary but it makes tanking more enjoyable because you don't have to cycle through targets with your tab key to check your threat levels.

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