<H> Moving over to illidan and need a guild

Hello Illidan

I'm in the process of xfering my 70 paladin (prot, holy) and my 70 druid (resto, feral tank). To hopefully get into another raiding guild. I have been playing since 3 months after original wow launch. I also have a 85 war 83 rogue 81 priest and 72 dk that id be willing to bring over if i can find a guild that works together.

I'm on the east coast and i can raid from 8est to whenever every night, and i have the bulk of my experience in raiding as a tank. I have raided every instance that blizzard could throw at us except for the end of aq40 and the end parts of ulduar.

See ya guys in org soo enough

btw to clarify i do have alli toons but im SICK OF THE ALLIANCE so im taking the turn to the dark side.

Lok'tar ogar!!
.... go away ... pro ... irel where r u ? tell him to go away

Are you a troll or do you really have no clue what you are walking into as Illidan horde?

Do you know about Q times?

Why of all servers would you come here?
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