What scares you IC?

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I've been thinking about this for a while. IRL, people are scared of things such as zombies, ghosts, demons, etc. But for the adventurers in WoW, we battle those things on a daily basis. Want to fight ghosts? EPL has all the ghosts you need. How about demons? Just check out Outland. Or maybe zombies? Sure, there's nearly an entire continent up north where we did that.

The point is, most of the things that scare us IRL wouldn't even make our characters flinch. So, what are all of you afraid of IC?
My IC character is afraid of Death in reality, even though that is the number one thing she fights. The Undead Scourge destroyed her family, killed her only love, and nearly killed her several times
My IC character is afraid of Death-not his own, but his friends. Since he's a death knight he lives for much longer than other mortal companions of his, and therefore he is terrified of losing everyone close to him to the unstoppable ravages of time.
The only thing, and I mean only thing, that scares Drew here, is the idea of being forced back into the service of the scourge, and actually, its not so much as fear as more as, he just doesnt really wanna do it xD, other than that...not much on Azeroth that can scare ya when your already dead
Aick: Scared of friends dieing. He still wakes up screaming in night when he remembers his friend dieing.

Twit: Anything big and intimidating.

Ravenoer: his bodyguard, Diraag, though he would never admit it.
Remembrance and Plantagenet: His friend's being in pain or dead (typical paladins)

Roderik: Failing to control his Worgen curse and becoming as feral as the wild worgen

Assukootu: Failing his assignment for the SI:7

Sly is absolutely, paralyzingly, terrified of open bodies of water.

She is okay on a ship.

But the moment that ship sinks, or she is thrown overboard, she is as good as dead if someone doesn't help her. She cannot swim, she locks up when she gets in water.

And while she's okay on ships, flying over water has almost the same effect, to the point she's almost strangled her drake for flying over a rather large lake.
The Whale Shark
01/28/2011 4:22 PMPosted by Nylon
The Whale Shark

Don't go to to Vash'ir

A little off-topic here, I saw the Whale Shark dead in Dustwallow Marsh, is that a bug or something?
01/28/2011 4:26 PMPosted by Gëtmastiffd
The Whale Shark

Don't go to to Vash'ir

A little off-topic here, I saw the Whale Shark dead in Dustwallow Marsh, is that a bug or something?

You can target the dead Whale Shark in Thousand Needles from ridiculous distances.
He scared of scorpions.
No, like his body was there -_-

Get fears a lot of things, too many to count in fact.

He hates death.
He hates anything related to death.
He is afraid of death knight a little. (Depending on how they act to him)
He is afraid of letting his friends and allies die and is as well deathly afraid of losing himself to insanity and evil.
Me well I'd have to say losing contol of my felguard or any of my demons for that matter
Zerrik here is scared of Dragons.

All kinds of dragons, drakes, proto-drakes. In major cities I make him /cower if one gets really close to him.
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My girlfriend asking if the pants make her butt look big. Mainly because I auto-say: "It's not the pants that make your butt look big!"

Sly is absolutely, paralyzingly, terrified of open bodies of water.

I'd like you to meet a friend of mine.... Jaggo! Heh... but yeah anyway uh...

Meep: She sort of gets scared when she starts losing control, people stop following orders, the situation falls apart.

Virella: Dying before killing the Lich King, she doesn't want to sleep/die before she knows that she won't be coming back.

and... it's too early to think of any others.


Being 2nd to 1st.
She'd KILL, literally KILL for 1st place in any situation.
Drake was scared for the lives of his brothers, but he had to face that fear... what with them dying before his eyes in Northrend and all. But it was all good, they became Death Knights! Then they got killed again....

After that he was scared of not fulfilling his main purpose in life.

Taeular however, is scared the Azeroth will be consumed by all the evils that roam freely across it.

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