What is the most effective Hunter Pet in Pvp?

Just a question, I thought I would put out there. A few of my friends and I just don't seem to be able to agree. I still believe my wolf gives me the edge. While others have told me to go with a more cunning pet for pvp. What do you think?
01/29/2011 6:35 AMPosted by Cornelis
Just a question, I thought I would put out there. A few of my friends and I just don't seem to be able to agree. I still believe my wolf gives me the edge. While others have told me to go with a more cunning pet for pvp. What do you think?

Cunning is nice due to roar of sacrifice and roar of recovery, however here is the thing about pets, certain pets are good for certain situations. I carry 3 pve pets usually and 1 tank pet for pve and one dps pet for pve. Here are my 5 choices and why as an MM hunter for PVP:

Crab: this is my all around pet when I am unsure of the scenario, they are a tenacity pet that can take dmg and has a snare ability with roar of sacrifice. His role is to pretty much keep me alive until I can identify a threat to summon a better pet for the situation if needed.

Bird of Prey: From the cunning pet family and special ability to disarm opponents, I usually reserve this pet for when I am against hard to peel melee or stealthers. The role of this pet is of course to disarm when I have no more snares, or CCs to counter enemy melee gap closers. It usually disarms long enough for one of my major gap makers or CCs to come of CD.

Monkey: This is another cunning family pet, his role is simply additional CC, fantastic for when you want to have even more tools to lock down a player to prevent them from using key abilities, or as a bootleg spell interrupt/gap maker. I tend to use this pet more in arenas for enemy healers or key CC train targets, I do pop it out occasionally in world pvp or BGs when I run into that hard to kill class if I think I can CC without some trigger happy fool from breaking it.

Wind Serpent (PVE): This is the BG forum no need to waste time talkin of that pve stuff

Beetle (PVE): ^

I do have other pets which I can use for pvp like a croc for 50% perma-slow but I tamed him and never used him since conc shot can have a 100% uptime and Chimera shot also dazes the enemy. I also have a scorpid which I change occasionally with the bird of prey for the increased survivability however I usually prefer the birds speed from the ability Dive.

Anyhoo the point again I am trying to make is we have 5 pet slots and a ton of different scenarios which to use different pets abilities at maximum effect, dont settle on the one size fits all. If you do settle on only a single pet well good luck good sir because you will have many scenarios where that extra CC, Disarm, or snare couldve saved you or a team member from a trip to the GY lol.

Oh yeah final note, wolf is great for PVE with 5% crit, unfortunately hunter burst at the moment isnt the best so we should play to our strengths which is a CC support class. I hope this helped as it is 1054 am here and I havent slept yet lol.

01/29/2011 8:30 AMPosted by Vaelkyri
I wouldnt write the wind serpent off completely,- as a surv hunt that extra 8% damage can be very nice in a straight up pew pew caster race.

Ah you are correct it would be nice for a dps race like that but I would still take roar of sacrifice + a utility like the scorpid disarm just by preference. I just use and specced my wind serpent specifically for PVE with the intention of the 8% magic increase since it is very powerful in those pew pew situations lol.
The best pets in pvp are always those with a stun, unless you are going for a specialized role/function like reducing melee attack power or casting speed.

Monkey currently infuriates me, but he's getting a nerf. Everyone had Ravager for a long time and he also got nerfed.

Bat probably still has the minor stun on short cooldown, so you may want to look at that.

Personally, I always enjoyed the extra AP from wolf and the wind serpent poison to reduce cast speed. But, hunters are kinda gimpy right now so you really do need every advantage available to you.

I'm a Beastmaster / Marksmen. I normally run with 5 pet's, 2 for each spec and a rare. I'm one of those people leveling with almost all Pvp exp and I love it. Right now, I'm using BM in Pvp and my Mark's for Pve content.

To answer your questions, I've been pretty happy with the added AP from my wolves. Though I do also use a Owl, aswell in Pvp for the disarm. I also agree with you that there have been mechanical changes to our class with restrict our burst dps right now.

Good looking out, all and really strong post "Krage"

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