Fury Warrior Stat Priority Confusion

I looked at the sticky, and on this topic it says..

Alright, I think I have the rotation down. How do I gear/gem/enchant as Fury?
If you've read about Fury gearing for 4.0.1, you know the basic drill. Strength is still our best stat by far, and after that there are five secondary stats (and their respective caps when applicable) we need to worry about:

1) Critical Strike Rating
2) Hit Rating (8% special, 27% hard cap)
3) Expertise Rating (26 skill cap for DPS)
4) Haste Rating
5) Mastery Rating

However in other threads, people say this is the better priority list..

Hit(till 8%) > Expertise(till 26) > Strength >[ Hit> Haste](until Rage generation is adequate) > Crit > Mastery > Hit> Haste

Which is it?
For the "hit until you're comfortable" most people agree that is around the 15-17% range so at least for me it is


i believe
It's hit chance.

If you go from 10% hit chance to 15% hit chance, you're going to see a much higher damage potential compared to before.

However there is a large RNG factor with fury dps so it might take a bit before you start seeing the effects of the added hit chance.

Also there is a 3% hit chance difference from a level 85 to a level 88 raid target. That 3% hit chance is a big drop in DPS so right now I'm priortizing hit.

I'm not seeing amazing yet, but I can do 10kish dps during heroics on normal tank and spank fights. However this does not compare to some of the other classes in similar gear, but w/e.

I have 15% hit chance right now - I would like a little more. I would like to have a 8% miss chance or lower for level 88 raid bosses. I'm not sure how much more hit chance it will take, but I have my sights set on dual foe reapers to help me get there.

How I listed them in the sticky wasn't ranking them there. I was simply listing them and supplying the caps when applicable. You should have read just a bit further:

After hitting the dodge cap for expertise and special hit cap, crit should be our best stat because of how it ties into Flurry, Deep Wounds, and Incite. Hit is still important, but you only need enough to sustain your rotation while allowing a healthy amount of HS usage.

That leaves haste and mastery as our other stats. Before a recent beta patch, haste would be the choice here, but mastery was recently bumped up to be a worthwhile stat that might rival haste or beat it by a bit. Still need to do some math on these two stats and see what comes out on top, but don't worry too much about these as much. Pick up what you can from gearing up, and don't bother reforging/gemming for haste or mastery.
thank u for the advice for the stat priority it helped alot
Strength>Expertise 26>Hit 15%-17%>Crit>Mastery>Haste

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