Sambas spawn times

he.. hello korgath.. this thread is to keep track of when the rare spawn named Sambas spawns and/or dies/is tamed.. i have read that the spawn is anywhere from 6-24 hours.
Sambas is a lion that spawns in the twilight highlands, he is a rare spawn and has a unique model. Killing him only gives 25 gold and there is no achievement, so please do not kill him! let hunters tame him :D..

so if anyone really cares about mentioning if they have seen Sambas dead or alive, please post here :D

and as of lately i have seen many hunters flying around his patrolling areas, best of luck to all the hunters trying to get him! keep track of what time it is if you see him and post it here!
I kills it
25 gold sounds great to me
If you hadn't mentioned the 25g I might have let him live...
I killed him earlier today, sometime between 7am and 9am. I'm not going to be specific, but you should arrive in time to see his corpse.
Tamed as of Tuesday, March 08. 5:25AM Server Time
Only really was farming for 2 hours lucky to even tame it
Hope this helps!
No matter how hard and long I look, I can't seem to find him. Been at it for months now >_<
Didn't even have to farm for it, I was mining around and there he was.
same happened with Ghostcrawler and Deth'ilac when I was dailying once

so my hint is: don't try to farm it, you'll just waste time you could be putting on something more "useful"
Is the spawn time for sambas different per realm and if so what is it for proudmoore
Kerrath: As far as I have heard yeah, its on a 6-12 respawn time. Some say its from 6, 12 or even 24 hr re-spawn. I wish best of luck to everyone hunting it (personally wishing and hoping that I will eventually find it as well)
And to those who are all "ooh 35 g"? XD
Set your expectations higher.
Is this the second time this has been necroed?

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