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I've got Synapse Springs added to my Flamebloom Gloves, and Grounded Plasma Shield added to my Dreamless Belt. I'm looking to make a macro that:

1. when I press the keybind, I use the springs (/use 10)
2. when I use an alt modifier with the keybind, I use the shield (/use [mod:alt] 6)

now if I put these together (/use [mod:alt] 6; 10) nothing happens... the macro just doesn't work.

Anyone? Thanks in advance.

PS. If I don't have my item numbers right here, it's because I can't log in ATM - tuesday maintenance - so forgive me for not having them correct.

Your macro should work perfectly if you've typed it exactly like you have here in game.
I really wish that were the case... at least I've got the slot numbers correct.

I even tried the macro with the item names, since I'm currently expecting to have them for a while:

/use [mod:alt] Dreamless Belt; Flamebloom Gloves

and that doesn't work. I would just attach it to a normal spell to keep it up as much as possible, but I tend to like to time using the springs with Time Warp/Hero usage, or right before a Pyroblast! instant...

So many macros, so many spells.... too many options, but what about this game isn't excessive?? :-)
As Choon mentioned the macro should work;

Ensure that Alt+Keystroke isn't bound to any thing and that it's not being used as a combat cast modifier (Interface>Combat)
I had issues before with modifier keybinds, and as a painstaking result, I completely cleared out my keybinds and manually rebound everything, sans alt/ctrl/shift usage

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