Best Alliance Race for Mages

Heya guys. Just a quick question, I was wondering what the best alliance race for mages is, mostly for pvp.

Serious answers please. :P
No love for Dwarves and Night Elves huh? Oh well. Thanks for the insight guys.

...And yes, you hordies can leave your opinion here too. :P
01/25/2011 2:40 PMPosted by Hyolia
Gnomes have a racial that directly increases your mana, which is your primary stat for Arcane mages as well as a very important one for mages in general. For arcane mages, it even translates to higher DPS due to the Mana Adept mastery.

....Wicked cool....I was actually thinking of leveling my new mage, more than likely this one, as Arcane, so this makes it more desirable. :D
Humans aren't that good as mages because the CC break is only a small portion of the PvP trinket. It really isn't "One more trinket" it's more like "One third of an extra trinket". You'll need the resilience from the PvP trinket to not die horribly, so where does that really leave you with the room to just take a powerful PvE trinket?

Dwarf has IMO the strongest PvP racial since it cleanses a bunch of stuff off you that can easily add up to a defeat, and the 10% damage resistence are pretty major.
I'm coming at this from a PvE perspective, more than a PvP one, but I occasionally look at Worgen racials and drool. Free +1% crit? Yes, please.
Shadowmeld is OP if you have the twitch reflexes to vanish big spells.

Gnome>worgen>human imo. Draenei and dwarf racials aren't very good at all for mages, they're not serious options if you're looking for a minmax race.
*cough* Every Man For Himself *cough* <----- Tis is why humans are my preferred race.

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