My experience in a 2v2 today

My partner (prot pally) and I faced off against double mage duo. One arcane, one frost. We both died in under 20 secs. Any ideas what to do against that comp?
Have your partner go on the Arc Mage so that he's not allowed to freecast on you. Watch the mages cast bars & toss hand of sac on your partner to get out of it, it's double dps so you can use your cd's bubble>wings>divine favor. If you're prot doesn't have the arc mage killed within 60secs then you or him will be. Won't be a long game so don't worry to much on conserving your mana. Last but not least, freedom & dispels will ruin their pressure.

I strongly recommend you and your partner get in the battlegrounds, earn Honor, and buy all the pvp gear you can get; your resilience is sub-par. In the mean time, buy the crafted Bloodied Pyrium gear if you can afford it.

Continue to max out in Conquest points every week. Save for a ilevel 359 two-hander. That should have been your first purchase. Of the 17 item slots, the high end weapons are the most difficult to obtain. They will also make the biggest difference in your overall dps.

As for strategy, it doesn't really matter. As currently geared, you'll never beat them.

Have your partner be a Retadin, Cleanse and HoF talents are way better. HoF is just spellstolen so Prots cant daze the mages, and wings and our minor silence isnt enough to handle them, especially since wings to a mage means yer screwed.
You're pretty %!!%ed against double mage.

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