Art of War and PvP

Is it worth it to take a faster, one-handed weapon and lose 2 hand specialization in favor of more art of war procs? Or is it better to stick with an inferior, faster 2 handed weapon in favor of a slower, slightly more powerful one? This is with PvP in mind, especially 60-70 battlegrounds. Thanks!
No. You lose way too much DPS. Most everything we do is based off weapon damage so if you use a little one hander it will drop all your specials damage.
You want the highest weapon damage you can get. It's possible to end up in situations where that's a 1h, mostly due to bad luck. It's never advisable to get a 1h or a fast 2h on purpose, it takes all the weight out of your CS and TV.

Your weapon, prior to it's "fixing" that basically still made it terrible for anything but feral, was one of the worst ever. It was a spellpower 2h.
ah. thanks for the advice!

edit: the only reason I'm using this weapon is because it's the first two hander I got after using the heirloom 1 hander/shield up till 6-.
Actually what Cayse is more accurate then the way I said it. As you are leveling you may come across a higher damage 1 hander than the two hander you are using at the moment. What matters is the damage the weapon can do. The damage number outweighs the dps number due to all of your special attacks (CS, TV and what not) scaling based on weapon damage.
I thought CS and TV were normalized for 3.3 weapon speed, possibly making a faster 2h viable. Is this not true?
I guess my original question wasn't so much how weapon speed would effect my overall damage, just if it was worth the loss of that damage to get extra procs from Art of War, which somehow contributes a significant amount of damage to my recount.
As far as I know there are only a few instant attacks in the game that aren't normalized, with warriors having a number of them.

Also, if Art of War and Hand of Light are on a PPM system a faster weapon wouldn't make for more procs, although I don't believe they are PPM procs. As streaky as Art of War can be at times I don't see how it could be a PPM proc. By all appearances it's a flat percentage: you have a 20% chance per auto-attack to get it. Faster auto-attacks -> more AoWs.

So it might be possible that in a PVP situation one extra AoW or HoL could save you occasionally but for PVE it probably won't make up for any damage loss caused by using a faster weapon.

Such is the current state of Ret: talents, abilities, and stats all seem opposed to each other. Hopefully 4.0.6 is a step in the right direction because overall I like the class/spec. It's like the hunter class. Both had major changes that haven't quite settled out yet.
Ya, but you have a harder time staying on your target in pvp, so when you do get hits, you want it to be for as much as possible, hence another reason why slow weapons are best in pvp.

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