Word of Glory tooltip wrong?

Just started a paladin recently (lvl 14 now), and I noticed that my Word of Glory tooltip doesn't match the skill. The tooltip claims I heal 99 hp per holy power, but it's only healing 55-60. Is this a known bug, or a low level thing, or what?
It might be a UI setting. There is a setting to make it display either the min/max amount of healing done, or an "average". I'll have to check my 42 pally when I get a chance to play him again and see what it says for him. I seem to remember when I was levelling him (that's basically what I did between 4.0.3a and Cata launch) the WOG tooltip being pretty accurate.
A lot of abilities don't actually do what their tooltips state at very low levels, purely for scaling issues. Check what your damage abilities say, and what they actually do.
The other abilities which display their numerical value (holy light and seal/judgement) are johnny on the spot. It's just Word of Glory. I'll take a look at that UI setting, Mog, thanks for the tip. Otherwise, perhaps it is just a quirk of being such a low level, and it'll even out later on.

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