@Krisjon, @Megasham

I thank you for that great PvP we have in the DH cave, For one shaman being able to kill two other shamans at once made me feel very happy inside.
More so when you anhk when i had 10% and i still killed you.
Then about 2minutes latter you both rez, try to kite me and run diffrent ways but both die again.
And then a hunter and lock come along and start there quest, you two decide to rez once again, i decide to attack. The lock joined in and finally managing to kill me but not after i take out you two for a last time...

edit: hm.. bad time for me to anhk, Gratz on you two killing me once now.
me: 7
you two: 1
Lock 1
Dis pvp
this one time a warrior globalled me while i was doin archaelogy

i didnt even get mad tho, kid probably has two dads
01/27/2011 6:48 AMPosted by Mintii
Dis pvp
For someone who doesnt bg or arena, yes!
i fight in TB when i have to, but thats it mostly..
01/27/2011 7:39 AMPosted by Stabclone
Woah woah woah

You're telling me







It more the fact that it took "2v1, 2v1, 3v1, dam lock, make thread, anhk, 2v1" to beat me.
ITT: scrubs getting outscrubbed by scrubs
01/27/2011 9:40 PMPosted by Fanlol
Nah it's alright, he just misses me and wants to re-create me anyway he can!

No I forgot it was you who said that ><
I got minced by an arms warrior in Tol Barad 4 or 5 times trying to do dailies too. Pretty embarassing. I'm so far behind that I didn't realise that arms can interrupt and stun in battle stance and that I can't earthbind root anymore with my PvE spec. lol

I didn't make a thread about it though because, well, that'd just be ridiculous.
Also a good opportunity for me to say I'm not an Indonesian boxer, or Indonesian at all. I get lots of whispers about that.
This is simply outstanding.

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