Ret Pally Charge ability

I think ret pallys should have a charge ability instead of that one or 2 stuns they get
Rets have a stun (All Paladins get that bugger) and an incapacitate (Ret only... unless they decide to give that to Holy and Prot as well :S).

When you give a spec something offensive, something defensive is removed/nerfed/changed.
When you give a spec something defensive, something offensive is removed/nerfed/changed.

Having your cake and eating it, too, is over for most specs.
I suggest you try the pie. You may like it.
I think the current paladin model works, actually, at least as an idea. We're not supposed to be incredibly agile, we're juggernauts, stone walls, reliant less on quick movements than on a continuous untiring pursuit. The real problem is that the measures currently in place to let us do that are woefully insufficient. HoF is dispellable, acts of sacrifice locks down the GCD, long arm of the law has too many restrictions, and pursuit of justice only brings us up to par with many other classes.
There are a few things that can be done. Make it so that HoF is undispellable if a ret or prot pally cast it on themselves, make it so that AoS causes a very brief (like 1-2 seconds here) immunity to movement impairing effects when cast, and make it so that LAotL has a slow component as well. Mind you, if all of those went through it would probably silly, I know (though certainly no more silly than Death's Advance), but even just one would be pretty helpful.

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