How to make rets fun and viable!

Let me address some of the problems before I state what can be done about said problems.
Be ready for a wall of text.

1. After playing on the PTR I have come to the conclusion that ret on the live servers is more fun and fast paced, while on the PTR its incredibly slow. Even if you had CS at a 3 second cool down it would take 9 seconds to get off 1 TV but you have to keep inquisition up. So that's 18 seconds before you can even get 1 TV, and that's assuming you have the 3 second CD which no one can get atm. Then you have to use another 3 HP for inquisition before you can get off a third TV.

2. In pvp nothing bugs me more than when I pop wings and its dispelled and or stolen. I cant think of another class will a similar strong CD that can be stolen like that. I mean a shaman can dispel all of our buffs without any worry.

No for what I think the developers could do to help us rets out.

Solution for #1
There are a few things that can be done about this. Make judge have 100% chance to give HP, or have TV refresh Inquisition every time you successfully strike a target. You could easily adds one these onto a current talent.

Solution for #2
Simply make AW unable to be dispelled. Or give rets a talent that would work something like this. <insert cool name for talent here> gives the paladin a 50/60% chance to ignore dispels/spell-steal. This affect can only occur something like every 5-10 seconds seems reasonable.

There are still several things that could use some tuning. I liked when we had more than just 3 seals. It made it feel like you could really customize what you wanted to do at that time. And like divine protection can be dispelled and barkskin cannot while DP only offers a 20% damage reduction. We also need a better gap close imo. LAotL is nice but it just doesn't cut it. And one last thing, our bubble has been reduced to have an 8 second up time and still has a 50% damage reduction. Should it at least have been reduced to 25% damage reduction. Or since the up time was reduced by 1/3 you could reduce the damage penalty by 1/3 and make it to 34% damage. We are a joke in pvp compared to other melee classes, unless we have wings or zealotry up which is ridiculously to have a class only be dangerous when they are blowing one of their CDs. NO other melee can be kited so well, especially against frost mages who are OP but the class devs play them so it doesn't look like they will be changed anytime soon.

Edited cause I just was on the PTR and one of the issues seemed to be fixed

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