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Ok so i was doing BG's on my rogue and had many people run out of the way right to me and thought wtf is going on. NONE were hunters. Most were from Khaz'goroth server also. I thought hmm is stealth broken??? i did a search and found out that there is a stealth detection addon out there now. Bliz i am not going to link it because it all ready seems to be in WIDE use but you need to fix this and FAST.

Nothing like trying to play a rogue and having stealth being TOTALY useless.

Oh and as for the last person that chased me stealthed and went out of their way i checked to see if they had any potions on ... none, any equipment to see stealthed none.
The addon is quite old, I know because I've used it. It's called like paranoia or something which keeps track of WHEN people stealth, there's a big impossibility looming over your head that people can see you, and it's possible you've been having **%# luck, for the addon is only combat log based, and tells a user -when- a rogue is nearby, not where.
nearby? shoot they were going out of their way and right to me from easly 100 to 200 yards away.
Trying to think of the best spot to send the URL.. im thinking ??
you can post the URL, then immedietely edit your post and remove the link. They can see the edits done on posts so would be able to see it even after you edit it out.

I am unsure though where the best place would be to report this.
To test and see if it's "just you", try putting on a pair of Nightscape Boots or other stealth boosting items on:

At least this way you can increase your stealth level beyond what it normally is. I'm not advocating PvPing in them, of course, but just wear them for a while and see if people spot you from far away still.

Also, what level is your rogue? Obviously, if it's under-level (80-84 bracket and you're 81) then you're not going to do so well in stealth, except when you've got the Vanish buff up.
There is no possible way for an addon to show you a stealthed player. You can detect the moment somebody does stealth, through parsing the combat log, but beyond that, there is no way of knowing their location.

It is likely they heard you stealth, and went in your direction, or that they were using potions that help with stealth detection.
It's been confirmed, through in game tickets, that stealth and vanish are still broken for rogues.
Doesn't Carbonite have a built in add-on to detect straights players? Or was it just different factions?
Because it's a nice addon:

Also, Carbonite has a "enemey players near you" thing. Not sure how it works.

And the only way to kill StealthWatch would be to make "Plays gains stealth" messages not show in combat log... Which we rogues would love.. but everyone else would say is OP.
There's nothing wrong with detecting someone stealthing near you and that's not the issue here anyway.
OP was saying he is visible through his stealth. Which is the first I've heard of but whatever. Could be a sporadic bug I guess.
I suppose if you don't play with game sound on you may not realize this, but any even halfway experienced player would instantly know the "Grats, you stepped on a rogue" sound. If you're a lower level (bottom of a leveling BG bracket) this is even wider of a range for them. It can seem a bit ridiculous.
why did we necro a 5 month old post to add there is a sound effect in game for stealth?
Why is it ok to have an addon to mark healers but,OMG detect stealth addon,this has to be fixed and now...LOL
Do not necro threads.
Why is it ok to have an addon to mark healers but,OMG detect stealth addon,this has to be fixed and now...LOL

Because healers are already possible to spot, marking addons aren't able to access any more information than is already available to us. You can tell by the color of the spell animations for one, the combat log for two. Stealth on the other hand, is meant to make you completely invisible and undetectable. When you are stealthed, you aren't supposed to be seen at all. There's no information sent out about where you are, so if an addon is able to do it, something is wrong.

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