[A]Late night recruiting, core team for MoP

Our raid runs from 11:30pm to 2am server/EST on Tuesday - Thursdays. Invites go out at 11:15pm. The Guild will provide repairs (after 2 weeks or 3 weeks of consistent raid attendance), flask and food.

If you are looking for a casual atmosphere and enjoy raiding late night, we should be the right fit for you. Our expectation from our raiders is to be aware, on time and consistent.

Please send Vorquelf, Shev Icespector or Goldthorn a tell or send an in-game mail if you are interested in learning more about joining, alternatively you can reply here and I will contact you.

Loot rules: We roll 100 if we need for MS and OS rolls. We always use common sense and respect with loot, if you win 1 item and roll for another and win while someone else has not won anything and they have rolled, we would like to see fairness from you.

PST in game to Vorquelf, Icespector or Shev for consideration

We are looking are for active raider , please send tell in game! We will consider all spots.
Darn, no priests or mages.
Edit OP, new needs. Bump.
New needs, bump.
Edited for new need. Bump.
new needs
Le bump
le bump
Back to Druid for MoP. They seem more fun. Hope you have room for two.. (O.o)
Anyone looking for a fun time with a few laughs all the while getting epic loot for mop raids come join us. You don't want to leave this Vorq guy stuck raiding with me all the time : D specially because he already has a beast Druid. "bump"

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