So, Holy Pally PvP.. Arenas

IMO,, Holy pallys GREAT healers. But we need that Girlfriend to be good.. Girlfriend meaning the piller.

Dont really kno what to say about this. Just really a rant i guess. But. Rebuke = Dumbest crud ever. Oh boy.. Holy Pally in melee of a druid,, Maul to Cyclone. Cyclone to fear fear polly.. Okay. We have Exo.. 50% if holy shock crits for a free Exo.. Fun i guess.. but bad.. ( if looking at my spec only have it for RBG) But other then that. no point, Either ur casting Heals on ur partner in 3s, or LoSing a CC. Rebuke dosnt seem that good to me, unless ur talking 2s. then it looks like GOD. with a enh holy pally.. vs any comp now lol.
Okay. We have a HoJ 6seconds Magic effect.. whats the point of using it vs dispell cleave? if both dispellers good a dispelling no point of using it, maybe good for ainterupt thats it. Druids have a magic dispell? why? and curse? Sham with shammys? Didnt u pick a class cuz on what it can do.

imo pallys seem kinda bad atm. We have pretty much no CC, all are CDs can be purged off in 3 purges. Once bubble is down and ur CDs are gone, pallys are a joke. No trinket or bubble.. GG guys im stuck in this CC for 9seconds, so u should go LoS.

But maybe if pallys can get maybe, Rebuke, holy talent tree ranged interupt? 40yards? maybe.. Or maybe even putting it in the Exo talent so if u get a free Proc it can be a interupt. Sounds good. Other then that, pallys seem kinda looked over in arenas atm.

Like when i see another holy pally in arena i say thank you, and try a bit less, cuz i know what the pally is gona do, HEY i played one for 4 seasons, have a good idea what there gona do. One less CC u hve to worrie about. You get HoJ thats it lol. every 1minute or 40seconds.

Before i stop there. Word of Glory.. is only good to us, cuz We use shock every CD. And we heal the target with beacon. And Boom, Holy Power. WoG,, hey, free cast do it again.
But I dont think many holy pallys, well even bother caster Holy Light or D Light without the proc from Holy Shock. 2.4 seconds? not worth it, rather just use FoL 2 times and oom, lol. or just Wait till shock comes up. But i see alot of debate WoG one of are best heals, imo,, Holy Shock being are main heal, with the procs coming off of it.
But some people say, we can maybe improve mastery? i agree with that, 30%? of what we healed, HELL, ill be okay if my Heal add ons to the Shielded target already there.
But 10% of a 10k holy shock.. 1k? really.. 1k dmg Obsorbed? Thats like a pet attack. lol. 50% is a bit high.. 30 seems okay.. 40 can be debated. But to me, i see no point of getting mastery as a holy pally. seems dumb. Just like Light of Dawn being used in Arenas.
joy gona waste a stack of 3 HP on LoD a cone shapped healer that u have to be infront of for it to work lol.

But, Mastery improve ment can help alot to pallys imo. Plea 50% healing reduction removed from holy tree maybe? not OP anymore imo. Rebuke interupt being a Exo talent for range procs from holy shock? something that well take some skill for holy pallys. I love my piller in all, but When u have no CDs or bubble nor trinket stuck in CC, u think, what could i have different?

Time for Arena expamles from my veiw..
Okay guys DK Druid Lock... go in, im behind my piller, Pop out to heal, 1 dps taking to much dmg, DG Pally in AoE fear..
okay To eat or to trinket, just gona eat it, blow trinket to early is dumb.. LoS lock. interupt cyclone or fear, stun Druid. for i can reset behind pill from CC. Okay. stop there.. no way a pally can do nothing different there. unless ur team mate came back to you..

Okay. Druid comes over trys to maul. HoJ him instead go to another piller.. Oh ur feared.. Feard x2. Cyclone trinket. team mate taking to much dmg.. Right there when u trinket, u could have interupted that druid for that cyclone. Put naw pallys a joke, or u coulda interupted a fear from the lock.
But,, Trinket cyclone.. okay ur good for a few more,, Bubble wings or guardian. or none.

ect trying to get this over with.
Pally no bubble. one last DG to AoE fear is the ball game..

Counter comp. to pallys maybe.

just to me, pallys need some kind of a good interupt, range? or maybe even Repentence being a all around talent, rather just ret.

Just post what should you do, what you would like to see. or if your not a pally. think of what needs to be nerfed and to be replaced.

ill lower my healing for a interupt, or a CC anyday. ill trade HoJ for hex ora AoE fear
true. but it w/e..

Pallys well be a great defence healer, nothing else xD. Asking for a CC or Interupt with freedom. is ehhh..

But hey, the Exo Interupt is still up in the air lmfao
Holy Paladins were fine for eight seasons of arena (lol maybe not late S2 or S3, but still) without an interrupt.

Giving them one baseline is an amazing, unasked for perk.

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