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I'm not a kid, I'm not even young. I pugged with you today. I play wow because I enjoy it, because I am sick, and have been for 11 years, I have an inoperable brain tumor, and it's caused other problems with my health, some pretty bad. Some days the pain is amazing, my eyes water, my vision swims, I play wow to take my mind away from my ailing body.

I'm a really good player some days, some days, my motor skills are effected and I don't play as well, sometimes my coordination, my timing, is off, nerve damage in my arms is one of the problems I suffer with. I work a small job, I have a great family, I lead a quiet pretty restricted life. I can no longer play softball, vollyball, ride horses like I once did, I can't dance anymore, it's too dangerous for me with all of my health issues. Getting my first toon to level 80 was a great thing for me, the first time I had set a goal and reached it in a while, see, my health has kept me from reaching goals for the last 11 years, so I've tried to cut my dreaming back, I've learned to appreciate smaller things.

I don't get to go out much, I spend time with friends and family in the game, we chat on vent, and it's almost like having them here. Some days, I'm too sick to get to the computer, some days I'm too sick to see it through the waves of pain, but most days I can play, and it's great to feel like I can be good at something in spite of my severe limitations.

While we were running I turned my head wrong, it caused a nerve to fire the wrong way and my vision went white from a wave of pain, it took a few seconds before I could draw a breath, when these things hit me they can knock the wind out of me. I turned the wrong way with my toon and I pulled a mob. We didn't wipe, I died, nobody else did. I was cursed at for the rest of the run by you. I was told how many ways I sucked, how bad my gear was, how scrubs like me shouldn't play the game, if I couldn't L2P I shouldn't que with others and ruin the experince for them. You complained bitterly when the others in the group wouldn't boot me, when the tank said "She appologized man, let it go." you cursed at him too. For the rest of the run, for over an hour, you cursed at me, called me every name you could think of, made fun of me every way you could. The truth? you won, you did make me cry, I cried for the last half hour of that dungeon but I wouldn't let you chase me out, I wouldn't let you make me leave.

I play every day that I can, because I enjoy the game. I work hard to be the best player I can be, it's one of the few things I can be good at, even if I'm not good at it every day. I am not alone, I know many others who are crippled, sick, who escape into this game, every one of them I know work hard to play well, but sometimes they don't, sometimes even the game isn't a complete escape from the pain and debilitating illnesses we suffer with. You made a day harder for me, you made me feel bad about myself for a bit, I moved past it, my friends and family assured me you were just a jerk, but the tears fell, the pain was more than physical for the rest of that run. I'm posting this, so some people may consider, not every mistake is stupidity, and that there are others you are playing with, who would give alot to be able to live like you do, would give alot to be able to just go for a walk, go swimming, dance to good music, and maybe, just maybe, raining your rage down on a player that makes a mistake really isn't the best thing to do.

I didn't let you drive me out, I didn't let you win all the way, I didn't respond to any of your taunts, curses or insults, and I only cried because you couldn't see me or know that I was. You know who you are, I hope your next run went better for you.
Very good post.
Sounds like a horrible person, OP. I might have been, at most, miffed for about 12 seconds, but I also forgive and forget quite easily and never badger people.

It wasn't me...but if I knew who it was, I'd give them a piece of my mind. Just ignore them, and never, NEVER, let them hurt you.
This is becoming a growing problem. Attitudes amongst the ignorant, arrogant and impatient are becoming worse and worse. Take faith in knowing that there are other brilliant players out there who would stand up for you against some idiot anyday. You cannot take this to heart, these keyboard warriors will never stop as long as it gives them a sense of entitlement. Usually they do these things due to inadequacies in other areas of their lives.

I sincerely hope you do not let them win - keep playing, keep going. Show them what you are really made of because you are quite obviously one of the mentally toughest amongst any of us.

Unfortunately the only way this can be avoided is grouping up with your friends and family or people you know are mature enough to understand a situation. Having a good guild with plenty of support can help too. People who take things too far (like this guy has obviously done) should be reported for harassment and put on ignore - nothing deserves treatment like this.

Everyone please remember we are all fellow human beings so treat each other with the respect that you would like to be treated.

People are cruel because they think it is okay to treat people horrible.

Maybe any of you that do behave this way might think next time about the person behind the toon and realize this might be their social life due to an illness..

Twinkle don't let them get to you, Karma is a wonderful thing and one day it will bite them in the butts..
Dear OP,
That is all
The thing is, no one can see who you really are. They can't determine whether you're in a tragic situation or are actually very depressed with problems in real life.They "assume" you're just a player with nothing going on in life.

I feel how terrible it must be for you to even be alive everyday, and I just want you to know that I hope you continue to play WoW the same like you do everyday. Don't let that player who curses you out make you cry, just try to move on even though it is extremely hard.
I appreciate you and feel for you and wish you the very best. I am terminal and wow is my distraction from pain and the depression of leaving my loved ones. I ignore the little, immature elite pigs (older ones too) and play to have fun. This game as taught me to appreciate the FEW people of all ages that aren't arrogant little pathetic jerks.
I've known quite a few people who play WoW and have a disability.

My heart goes out to you OP

It may cause you to get yourself killed once in a while, but it should NEVER stop you from having fun in this game.

People are jerks, ignore them and keep having fun.
I'm not ashamed to admit this, but I'm crying right now.

/hugs op

Forget the scum that plague the LFD, they don't deserve to run with you.

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