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As I have said before in these forums I have Cerebal Palsy. I have never walked and my hands dont always do what I tell them to. I am fortunate though in that I can work a normal job and have a realtively normal life.

There are many folks in this game that have things they either overcome through the game or use the game to help take thier minds off of.

Getting this toon to 80 was a big deal for me. Took a long time. I had to work out a series of macros and special devices to help me do it. No big deal its what I wanted to do. As far as I know no one that I have played with in world outside my family has ever suspected I have a problem.

Unfortunately many are not as fortunate as I am in my abilities. I send huge hugs to all of them an dhope they can find something good in the game in spite of all the mean folks that want to drag them down.

P.S. My favorite game is going to the mall and opening doors for walkign people. I love that moment when thier brain catches on and they just dont quite know what to do. ;)
Stay strong Twinkle and all of the other handicapped people. I wish I had the determination to go through what you do.

I will be sure to be slow on the attack next time a mistake is made, and judge fairly.

Thank you.
OP is hardcore.
01/29/2011 10:06 PMPosted by Skillmare
I'm very sociable

Um, being social would be seeing someone in pain, and having some compassion for that person. Being a bully would see the same person and point and laugh. Just because you think you are saying the truth in the matter make it ok to say is very immature.

Having a six year old say "grandma you smell funny" is the truth, but when you grow up, and learn what being sociable means. You don't say thing like that.
This is one of the reasons why I'm never mean to people, especially not in PUGs. Apparently some people weren't taught to treat someone how you would want to be treated
Can't take this post seriously, just can't. First of all, theres no way the other players could have prior knowledge that you had any sort of damage like that, so any mistake you made while gurgadur happened would be seen as someone not knowing aggro ranges. You get my sympathy for having something wrong with you, but you don't get my sympathy for crying that people are jerks.
01/29/2011 10:11 PMPosted by Palze
Lots of tears and yelling could be saved if you mention health conditions, shame on them if they still did so after warning them. But to be honest I will rage out a bit at people in pugs, I know for sure I wouldn't and I'd have a lot more patience/compassion if they had told me about a condition.

If only that were true. I used to mention my physical handicap when in a pug, and 9 times out of ten, I was booted as soon as they were able to.

I can sympathize with the OP, and I have to give them credit for continuing to play. After experiencing similar behavior, I wasn't strong enough, and have given up the game.

01/29/2011 10:01 PMPosted by Osîris

"Hai guys I sometimes suck because im sick please be patient"

instant group kick this is the LFD we are talking about

There are many ways to explain a disability, being vague on the lack of skill and more on the fact you have a condition which could cause you to perform worse at times shouldn't get you kicked. I mean me and my rl friends are huge *%@@s to people for the stupidest things but if someone kindly states a serious condition we'd be lowlifes to take it out on them. Also you can't get kicked at the start so if you tell them and then continue at a decent without frequent problems you should be fine.
01/29/2011 9:59 PMPosted by Íce
Lots of tears and yelling could be saved if you mention health conditions, shame on them if they still did so after warning them. But to be honest I will rage out a bit at people in pugs, I know for sure I wouldn't and I'd have a lot more patience/compassion if they had told me about a condition.

It's a catch 22 for those of us who are in this situation. I play as an escape, I don't really WANT other players to know, people treat you differently, some awkward, some compassionate, some hostile out of feeling awkward. I don't want the group thinking they can't snap at me if my performance is lagging, I don't run recount, and sometimes the "Hey Twink bring that dps up a bit if you can" is a good thing. I don't want to be carried, I really can play very well most of the time, few who run with me know about me...well, they might now. I felt, with the current air of hostility and frustration, and with friends talking about some pretty bad experiences with other players, maybe going ahead and putting this out there might make a person or two think a second before they let thier anger and frustration run away with them, plus, it just happened recently, and has been sort of a little dark cloud hovering over my RDF, keeping me from quing.

To almost all of you, OMG, I really was expecting to get flamed considering the atmosphere lately. I know several others who play for the same reasons I do, and I'm gonna send em to this thread, they need to see it. To those out there who have been posting how terrible the wow community is? Yeah...not all of it, clearly. I'd hug you all if I could, even the young person who lost his Dad. I lost my mother when I was little, that's a whole different world of hurt and there's no words to make it better, time doesn't heal it, it just numbs the pain some.

This experience wont stop me, it's made me a little more gunshy maybe, I have definately not pugged since, but I have a great guild, active and bursting at the seems with great people.
01/29/2011 10:17 PMPosted by Skillmare
If you don't have mental issues, you're not alive.
85 Undead Warlock

Let's see. OP is just making this post for awareness. I can agree to that. Hell, I'm not even against the posts' ideal. I know there are people out there who suffer. It's called life. I know WoW is also a scapegoat for people to get away from real life problems. But get this... this is the Internet. This is WoW. Nothing has changed. Unless you play with your friends, you're on the Internet. This is not a friendly place and you trying to make me aware of your problems only adds fuel to the fire.

Everyone is a troll online in WoW terminology. If you don't agree, that's great, but you're gullible.

This is an MMO. Social gaming, all of that. But you do it with friends and you better not expect me to be nice to you because of some medical illness. Cry me a river and learn to play.

You seem to be whooshing by every point being made, I find it hard to believe you are of a sane mindset.

This isn't a post about bringing attention to illnesses, it is a post to bring attention to compassion. Show a little the next time a random DPS accidentally pulls something. There is no need to go nuts on someone for one mistake.

This is partially why I figure the OP didn't mention her illness to the jerk in the group. She didn't want him to be like yourself and claim that "everyone is human and suck it up."
01/29/2011 9:54 PMPosted by Skillmare
You aren't going through something like that. You're just being a jerk. Please develop a pleasant personality so you can get positive validation, thanks. :)
You're right. I'm not. My father died last year and I didn't show much compassion there.

It doesn't really matter. People live, people die. I don't know you, your life, your situations. This is a game. We're not friends in dungeons. If you're looking for pity because of some medical condition, how on earth is that logical?

The sick and the poor have a lot in common: they always look for hand outs.

The point is that everyone you play with is a person with feelings that feel pain. Sorry we're not all "tough" like you. What is so terrible about showing people a little kindness and compassion, even if you dont know them? Yeah, it's easy to get away with being a jerk when you're hiding your identity behind a computer screen, but it really only points your own insecurities and flaws. Maybe you've had a tough a life; it does not entitle you to treat others poorly. The OP isn't asking for handouts, she's asking for a little tolerance and kindness. If you're so broken that you cant give that, then I'd say that's a pretty good reason to pity you.
01/29/2011 10:16 PMPosted by Osîris
First, thank you for serving your country. Second, I am sorry you were injured and now have to live in pain.

I hope the game gives you some release and enjoyment..

For all the jerks out there, next time you want to be vile and socially unacceptable, remember it was someone like this person that fought for you to have that privileged. Then grow up and behave the way you would like to be treated

He volunteered.

So what if he did, that changes the fact that he fought for his country and our freedoms how?

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