Instance Lockout Time?

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So I was going into various dungeons to get my lunar festival achievement and got the "You have entered to many instances recently" pop up. Totally forgot about this, think its 5 instances per hour? Anyone know when the timer resets and you can start again? And if this applies to raids, cuz I'm suppose to be in one soon haha.

it applies to raids, yes. its from the moment you first zone in and 'spawn' the instance. raids AND dungeons are both instances.
Anyone know if its 30min, an hour? And does trying to go in while you are on the timer reset the timer? >.<
it is one hour from the start of your first instance
1:00am entered 1st instance
1:10am entered 2nd instance
1:20am entered 3rd instance
1:30am entered 4th instance
1:40am entered 5th instance
will not be able to enter a 6th one till 2:00am

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