Any good hunter names?

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06/17/2011 07:10 PMPosted by ßowner
You rang?

My name works but its unimaginative...

Tauren Hunters... Bullshot, Robinhoof
Bowner and Bowjob is my favorite but thats me BUT U GUYS ARE INSANE IF U DONT THINK ITS FUNNY

Extra points if you have a crab named CitizenSnips
i always like Entrapment
i also like mine just cuz the name guild combo(which i didn't notice till i was 85lol)
i also had a pet named hammer for a little bit
I don't know any.
Duktar Jenkins at your service
Personally, I enjoy my name as a night elf hunter, it looks elfy to the unobservant, but it's really even lamer than that. Aldo Raine, as in the great fictional 'nat-zi' hunter in inglorius basterds. lawls.

"Welcome to Kalimdor boys. While we're here we're gonna be doin' one thang and one thang only: Killing Orcs."

"Every-single-man under my command owes me one-hunnard Orcish scalps... And I WANT my scalps!"
Roll an Undead hunter. Name him: UndeadNugent
Get a Cat pet. Name him: ScratchFever

roll a horde toon, go on the road between razor hill and org
I always liked my name, Gunskill. When I origionally got it, I was a dwarf, so it fit a little better. I used to have a NE buddy that had Bowskill.
It's cool when hunter names and their pet's names go together, do something like that
How about Slybow? Or maybe Torquescrew?
Me and my pet Gromit would like to throw our hats in the ring.
name your pet Mechanics

Perfect for the class as it reflects Blizzard's design of the class.
<--- Felonius Pet name Munk!

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