PvP Mage Macros- Suggestions add your own.

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Track Frost Bomb and auto apply off of every CD. Nuke with Frostbolt without being interfered with by Frost Bomb CD or Freeze CD. Cast pet freeze off of every CD simultaneously with Frostbolt or Frost Bomb. Use synapse springs engineering tinker if you are an engineer automatically every minute (/use 10) and eliminate red error text from UI if you wish not to see it. If you are not an engineer or you do wish to see error text, omit lines 4 and 8. If you are using different talents or spells (spec) you can replace lines 1 & 6 with Nether Tempest or Living Bomb, line 3 with Ice Floes or Scorch, line 5 with your main nuke, and eliminate line 7 if you're not frost.

#showtooltip Frost Bomb
/targetenemy [dead][noharm]
/cast Presence of Mind
/use 10
/cast Frostbolt
/cast Frost Bomb
/cast Freeze
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

I'm pretty sure this macro wouldn't work. Haven't tried it, but I can't imagine a scenario where it would actually cast Frost Bomb.
Not sure if anyones posted this or not, not reading through all the pages, but i tried this today and it worked.

/cast Deep Freeze
/cast Frostjaw

You need to quickly double tap it if you use frost nova and have the glyph for for it equiped, otherwise you only need this macro to FJ and DF and can free up a spell slot.
just get the gylph
/cast frostbomb is all you really need
OMG! I love being a mage. I am so boerd with my DK I actuly put the time in leveling a mage. I have no regrets. Since I am a level 70 twink I am doing awesome in PvP and PvE. Frost is amazeing for a spec aswell as Arcane, I recommend a mage to everyone!
This is rather niche and only works in random bgs or wPvP, but if you're an engineer and you need to cross water quickly this blink macro might help.

/cancelaura Ice Block
/castsequence [swimming,nomod] reset=29 6, blink, blink
/cast [swimming,shift] blink
/cast [noswimming] blink

First two lines are standard blink macro things.

So what this does:

If you're swimming, you'll use your waterjet belt. Then repeated button presses will cast blink, until the cooldown on the waterjet belt resets, and at that point you will activate your belt again.

If for some reason you're saving your belt cooldown, hit shift and you'll just blink.

On land you'll blink as normal.

I've not found any way to break it, so feel free to mash the button in any circumstance.


Another mage engineer macro for casual pvp, though this one might be more useful for non engineers, too:

/cancelaura slow fall
/cancelaura [mod:ctrl,mod:shift] Goblin Glider
/dismount [mod:ctrl]
/cast [mod:ctrl,mod:shift] 15; Slow fall

Press the button to cast slowfall as normal. If you hit it twice before the GCD is up you'll cancel slowfall on yourself, so you don't overshoot.

If you hold down ctrl as you press the button you'll dismount as you cast slowfall. (The ctrl modifier is optional, but I keep it in out of paranoia that I'll cancel my mount accidentally.)

Ctrl and shift will cancel your mount (if applicable) and activate your goblin glider.

Pressing the button with ctrl and shift again will cancel your glider, so you don't overshoot.
im surprised no one has suggest the simple

/cast Deep Freeze
/cast Frostolt
I have written out my main macro's, as they seem to be most fluid for me in PvP. I have my 2-part burst macro for you Fire mages out there, as well as my general targeting/other macros.


To pop all of your CD's most efficiently for the highest burst DPS, follow these steps. If you are purged or otherwise CC'd during this execution of steps 3-4, then you've put all your eggs in one basket and things could be grim. If not, and your target remains "Deeply Frozen", then it's a lot of damage.

1. Get a Hot Streak. If you had just cast inferno blast to attain this, wait 2-3 seconds or spend them making sure your shields are cast or living bomb is cast upon the target before moving on to step 2, otherwise your inferno blast will still be on CD when you need it in Step 4.

2. Freeze your target. If you had just cast frost nova to attain the Hot Streak, you'll have to make a cold snap/frost nova macro for this step. But, Ideally, you'd wait a second to see if the opponent will trinket/ability out, reserving your cold snap for a second frost nova attempt.

3. Cast the SETUP BURST macro. Simply hit this macro once, to cast Deep Freeze on a frozen target and pop all buffs/trinkets before casting Alter Time, priming your Hot Streak buff to turn into a volley of critical instant-casts when the BURST macro is used. It also is set to use your insignia while holding ALT when cast, in case you are CC'd right before attempting this. It is reccomended that any shields you have spec'ed into, like all other buffs, are cast before using this macro.

4. Here's the fun part. Cast the BURST sequence on your stunned/frozen target immediately. It's about 6 or 7 commands long so mash that key until your fingers hurt. Numbers should fly and just when you think you're done, Alter Time will pop and you should just keep mashing it a couple more times.
I like to get up in their face so they can't tell how many projectiles I am feeding them, and then I follow up my assault with a dragon's breath, followed by an arcane torrent because im a BE.
I believe I had chained up to 8 pyroblasts on one occasion, blowing all my CD's until my critting-spree ended, but usually you can expect 5 or 6, most of them crits. Only thing to note here is to be continuously moving for the duration of this sequence and to not stand still, otherwise you might queue up a pyroblast that isn't instant and ruin the timing of the combo.

SETUP BURST MACRO - Bind this to a comfortable key near your BURST SEQUENCE macro.

/use [mod:alt] dreadful gladitor's isignia of the horde
/cast deep freeze (with the glyph which removes it from the GCD)
/use malevolent gladiator's badge of dominance
/use mana gem
/use healthstone
/cast time warp
/cast alter time

BURST SEQUENCE MACRO- Bind this to a comfortbale key near your SETUP BURST macro.

/castsequence reset=target pyroblast,inferno blast,pyroblast,combustion,inferno blast,pyroblast,pyroblast

This cast sequence is intended for spamming after the SETUP BURST macro has been cast, and only after getting a Hot Streak (hopefully attained with ranged volleys before your opponent has closed the gap).

If the SETUP BURST macro had been cast right before spamming this macro (and your target doesn't trinket from the deep freeze stun), then you'll have enough time/crits to execute the entire sequence. Alter time will pop you back with an additional Hot Streak in the middle of this sequence, where you could then use the cold snap/frost nova macro or an Ice Ward or Ring of Frost to quickly freeze, pyroblast, inferno blast, pyroblast... pretty sure you've got the idea.

The best part about these two macros is how well the deep freeze stun chains into the combustion stun, as some opponents have reduced stun duration.
Here's a small list of macro's I use, hope you all like!


All instant spells must be ON-DEMAND, otherwise, they are not instant, IMHO. If you learn to be 1337 about your key strokes (hopefully because you've made enough lazy macro's) then I highly reccomend you put /stopcasting in before every instant spell or important spell you have. Therefore, most of your spells/abilities will a macro that will stop whatever you're casting to cast something else as soon as possible. This means no more queue'ing spells in the brief milliseconds before completing another one. Im sure you all know too well the feeling of wanting to launch a frostbolt or frostfire in time to also counterspell an enemy heal but are too late. Never worth it. So who says macro's are lazy, if it requires precise keystrokes??

Replace your Ice Block with this macro, so that you can hit the modifier button "shift", or whatever you want, to cast cold snap in the process. Subsequent uses will cancel the Ice Block's aura.

/cast [modifier:shift] Cold Snap
/cancelaura Ice Block
/cast Ice Block

Replace your frost nova with this macro, so that you can hit the modifier button "shift", or whatever you want, to cast cold snap in the process.

/cast [modifier:shift] Cold Snap
/cast Frost Nova

First target up to two targets any way you want, then use this macro to easily set up the current target as your focus and the previous target as your new target. Subsequent uses switch the target with the focus, and then back again. Highly reccomended for arena.

/focus [@focus,noexists]
/focus [@focus,exists]
/targetlasttarget [@target,exists]


Smart Spellsteal
Did your CC focus get buffed with Divine Aegis? Fear not! Hit this macro with -alt- and attempt another CC.
This macro will immediately cast Spellsteal on your target. When holding alt, it will instead cast on your focus.
/cast [@focus,exists,modifier:alt] spellsteal
/cast [@target] spellsteal

Smart Poly
Casting CC's on a focus rather than a target always has it's benefits, it can take the opponent team by surprise, or cause your target to pop some defensive CD's prematurely just because they're afraid of being polymorphed themselves, as players may see the target of their target, but not the focus of their target.
This macro will immediately polymorph your target. When holding alt, it will instead cast on your focus.

/cast [@focus,exists,modifier:alt] Polymorph(pig)
/cast [@target] Polymorph(pig)

Smart Counterspell
This macro will immediately counterspell your target. When holding alt, it will instead cast on your focus. If you are using the glyph for counterspell, you may remove /stopcasting.
/cast [@focus,exists,modifier:alt] counterspell
/cast [@target] counterspell
two words. BUFF THEM
Does anyone know if you can use the Water Elemental's Freeze followed by Deep Freeze in a macro. I'm not sure if this works due to the fact that the Water Elemental's Freeze has to be placed by you on the ground and not on a target. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Hey for some reason my macro for
Presence of Mind, Frostbolt, and /use 14 isnt working since 5.2, any help would be great
/y lol
Ice Ward target of target macro

/cast [@targettarget.exists] ice ward; ice ward

This will cast Ice ward on the target of your current target making the cast seamless and making the macro universal. You can immediately start casting an offensive spell with a almost guaranteed shatter.

Its self adjusting so that if your enemies switch suddenly it will not effect your cast in most cases.
Hey so is there a macro to stop my pet casting waterbolt when i stop casting? To keep his freeze useful i need him beside me at all times but when he starts casting he stays with the target and not me. I have had him on passive to live with the dps reduction in exchange for having him beside me but if someone can give me a macro for this it would be extremely useful :)
Does this thread need a serious update because in MoP i cannot get a lot of these to work properly or at all... Even a simple polymorph on my focus target macro doesnt work for me, i have tried SEVERAL!
most of these macros work. there may be a few that need to be removed or updated just make sure your spells do not share a cool down when creating a macro
Another Ice Ward macro.

Sort of like the water elemental freeze ability but with a delay.
Cast's Ice Ward on your enemy's target provided it is a friendly.
Also good for PvE when you have those encounters with melee adds like General Nazgrim.

#showtooltip Ice Ward
/cast [target=targettarget] Ice Ward
/cast cold snap
/cast ice block

Nice when you have to snap to block.

Thought about doing something similar to my Shaman with Purge/dispel;

/cast [harm] spell steal
/cast [noharm] remove curse

You have to target yourself or a teammate to remove curse so I just don't use it cause it's a little bit of a hassle.

I know you can be mounted with slow fall, but I'm used to Levitate, plus if you're on a flying mount it's nice too;

/cast [@player] slow fall
Okay, I am a complete newb at macros, so I have a question. Why can I not macro anything that is off the global cooldown with something else? I swear I used to have a PoM/Polymorph macro, but it doesn't work anymore. =(

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