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Team Robot's gear optimization website is now live!

Up until now the site has been in a "placeholder" status with very simple pre-raid gear lists based on stat priorities for classes. Now we have our full-featured site up and running.

There are two main use cases for the site.
1.) Load your character from the armory. You can then optimize the gems, enchants, and reforges.
2.) Find the best set of gear for a spec.

All of this is based on stat weights for each spec. You can view a list of our default stat weight sources here:

The default stat weights used on the site have been researched thoroughly, but we expect to update them as often as necessary based on user feedback and our own continued testing. Please let us know if you have any concerns. The stat weights are also fully editable so you can use any values that you want if you don't prefer our defaults.

- Armory Loading
- All classes and specs supported
- Stat Weights take into account all applicable soft caps, hard caps, and diminishing returns. Click on the "Stat Weight Editor" tab for more information.
- Drop locations for all item level 346+ gear is shown.
- Links - A link is built as you modify options on the site so you can always link back to exactly what you were doing, or post it for others. There is also a "Link to this page" feature with options to allow you to customize the link.
- Side-by-side comparison of your gear in the armory, optimized gear, and best in slot gear.
- Total EP Values calculated on the fly.
- Ranked list of items available for each item slot.
- Item sets can be customized - open the item list for any item and choose a new item to force Mr. Robot to use that item. The optimizer will then optimize around that item. This is especially useful for trinkets, which are sometimes difficult to estimate with EP values.
- Filters - Many filters available to choose gear level and exclude particularly rare or expensive items.
- Ability to choose any race and profession combination. The optimizer will optimize around those options.
- For healers - a Spirit "hard cap" can be entered to limit your gear optimization to a particular level of spirit that you find useful. In the Stat Weight Editor enter in the total amount of spirit you want raid buffed as the hard cap.
- Works on most browsers, and also on the iPad. iPad has a couple graphical glitches but it still works well.

Feedback is welcome! This is not a beta version, but, we are human so there may be a couple small bugs. Please report those to us and we will fix them promptly.

The fine print:
Mr. Robot's gear lists and gem/enchant/reforge lists are what we are going to call "near-optimal". The problem of solving for THE optimal solution is an np-complete problem. Some of you know what that means. For those of you who aren't familiar with the concept: it means that it takes forever. That wouldn't make a very usable website. So, we have developed an approximate method. The optimization runs in less than a second. Any load time on the site is going back and forth to the armory to get information.

So the big question: How good is the approximation?
We think that the approximation is within 1.5% of THE optimal solution in terms of total DPS output. This is based on comparisons we have made to BiS setup discussions on this forum and others. Of course this is all dependent on the accuracy of the simulators and formulators in use. And it is highly dependent on the stat weights in use. This is why we have made the stat weights editable on the site - you can tweak the weights for your particular gear or preferences. We have also spent a lot of time tweaking the default stat weights to agree with results from the simulation and formulation tools available.

The actual reforge optimization is going to be within about 20% of the optimal reforge. Keep in mind that reforges account for an extremely small percentage of your total damage/healing/mitigation.

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