Lv100 boost too low to enter raids.

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My newly boosted lv100 warrior (was lv71) cannot enter Dragon Soul because he's "not level 85 or higher". I've tried completely exiting and logging back in and nothing works.
Check out the article for the boost:

In the article down at the bottom are the limitations/restrictions where it lets us know "Boosted characters are unable to enter dungeons and raids from previous expansions for 24 hours."

Well, it's been about 26 hours for me... Not to be picky (literal), but I'm running out of time on my one day off per week.
The 24 hour timer starts when you first log in on the boosted character, not when you boost it.
Yeah, I logged in right after boosting and spent about 3 hours learning rotation, setting up bars and such before realizing this.

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