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Yes, forum-goers, be prepared to be critted by a wall of text if you dare to read my heartfelt ramblings.

Throughout the years, there have been very few constants in my life, but WoW is one of them.

Sure, there are periods of unrest where I take a break or don't have the time to raid with a group but can't find much else I'm interested in, but overall, I still have a lot of love for the game. I get that a lot of people are against buying into Legion early since WoD... but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt this time around.
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Blizzcon came at the perfect time this year. My husband got a surprise notice to deploy long term for the first time, and the base we live at, it's almost impossible for me to get a job which really sucks. I dropped him off last night, got a bit emotional, and started watching an upload on Youtube of the Legion panel - since I didn't buy a VT this year.

Instead of being down and an emotional wreck, I'm okay. A bit sad but I'm pretty excited for all the Legion info. Hoping to snag some kind of work but it's not likely.
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I started playing in high school. We were moving constantly. Lost our house in 2008 thanks to the economy. Dealing with an abusive parent, etc. I swapped schools 3 times within 2 years. The only constant was WoW. One of my best friends died... I worked a lot though, so I went to school, went to work, came home, homework, played wow, then slept. This was my schedule for several years.

In college, it was actually a bit worse. Cheating boyfriend after a long-term relationship. Thieving roommates that constantly broke into my room to take everything they could. They kept putting their cat in my room, trying to get me evicted via no-pets policy.

One of my northern professors did everything he could to fail southern-raised students... because reasons??? 3 other professors shouldn't have ever received their degrees to teach... there were a couple decent ones though. A lot happened, I started getting severely depressed, started living with different friends but I felt like such a burden on everyone so it only made me feel worse.
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It didn't help that one of the jobs I worked at, my manager was one of the biggest, creepiest perverts I've ever met and he often lashed out at a couple of us for entertainment. I needed a job at that point and none of my other applications gained me an interview. Jobs are scarce in a vacation city during the cold months.

He kept scheduling me to work during final exams when I couldn't come in, for kicks, then fired me for it. This is when I started to give up. I got in a wreck on the way to my English final with the douchey teacher and was 3 minutes late. Berated and mocked when I arrived. I offered to show him the goose blood all over my car and the huge dent from where it flew into my drivers side door. It busted up the side and roof pretty badly...? Took the exam. Failed me regardless of how well I actually did. The school didn't help resolve it.
Blew off some steam on WoW, of course.
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I dropped out of college after 2.5 years because the life there sucked. I hated the people and the school policies were ridiculous. (Oh god a bird just smashed into my window =[ why dis). Lived with my best friend a bit. Played tons of WoW. An irl/wow friend introduced me to a guy and they flew me from the carolinas to AK to hang out with them a bit. Started dating the guy. Didn't come home - my family wasn't happy but I was finally content with something.

Ended up marrying him and introduced him to the game. Since then, we've played almost every game together. I know there are a lot of divorce stories because of it - I personally have friends that it's happened to - but it's really brought me a lot of happiness.
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All my coworkers used to play, as well as a lot of irl friends. Granted only one of them still has an active sub and it's kind of crappy to feel a bit alone in the game we all used to enjoy together.

I'm really looking forward to dungeon content being relevant and/or on par with raids so my group can potentially get together again. Most of them have kids now or work more than one job so... not much time to play. It's been hard to make decent friends again since the community has changed so much. We live in the most rural area I've ever seen too, so there's not much to do irl aside from stare at cows.
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So thank you, all you Blizzard devs that really care about the game and pour your heart and soul into it.
And all you players that actively seek to make the community better.
The enjoyment I get from the game has helped a lot through the years and all the crap. I'm looking to finish my degree asap and we only have a year left at this base so hopefully things keep steadily getting better. *crosses fingers*

Thanks for reading... if you did. I have a lot of hope for Legion.
Also I think I have a bird problem. These things keep happening q_q
That's good for you.

If it helps you out and keeps you going who cares what anyone else thinks.
Nothing wrong in using WoW to escape, as long as you are sure WoW is not causing them in the first place.
Nah. I've always been responsible with how I handle my time in game. Maybe a bit of an unhealthy addiction the first year but it's kept me sane and I'm glad it's lasted as long as it has.

Since I've moved away from my hometown, it's relieved a lot of the issues and stress. Of course, there's always going to be something when you're mentally stuck in that rut but it gets better when I've detached from it completely. Since late MoP, I've become really casual and don't login as much or afk often and mostly use the game as a collection, farming the old stuff I enjoy.

I have a decent balance of gameplay/irl stuff altogether and I'm happy with things now, for the most part.
everyone has their own story about what keeps them going or sees them thru though time.
I totally support this. I got into a really depressive period a few years ago. I felt cold and numb all the time. I heard some people talking about WoW but wasn't sure what it was about ir if I was ready to pick up such an addicting hobby. I'm so glad I did because I feel so close to my friends in the game since I don't have many IRL due to severe trust issues and being hurt too many times to count. WoW keeps me feeling like there's something to fight for. Even if it is virtual I get a great sense of accomplishment out of leveling and grinding quests
Noel, first and foremost, I sincerely want to thank your husband for his service. /Salute. You should be thanked as well, for it truley is a sacrifice for the spouses and family members who wait for thier loved ones to return to them.

I am happy that you have found solace in the game. We all need an outlet to get lost in every now and again. My hope is that you find work soon, if only to get out and be social while your husband is away.

Much respect,

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