Looking for a favor from achievement hunters

I plan to use some of my extra time off this holiday season to hit my baby goal of breaking 18k and I'm looking for some bored achievement hunters to point out the obvious achievements I can grab to get me there in my limited playtime (mainly just weekends and holidays).

I know I still need to finish [The Loremaster], but while easy points, I don't really feel it would be the most efficient way to reach my goal. Raid achievements that I can get via OpenRaid are always something I keep my eye on. WoD dungeon achievements too.

But what am I missing that I could solo in about a day or a weekend? Or something that I can put about 15 minutes to an hour of work into per day, and finish in about a month or less?

Sporeggar rep, super easy with hibiscus turn-ins, twofer 115 points (exalted with Sporeggar, 45 reps). Grind Kurenai in a few hours for 40 more (exalted and Diplomat).

Go get the newer Darkmoon Faire achievements (That's Whack is easy but kinda RNG, Ace Tonk is really RNG so keep trying, but the races will takes some practice and good timing).

Buy your mammoths in Dal if you can afford them.

Keep an eye out for Zandalari mobs to finish Zul'Again while you're getting treasures (Lost and Found, Bounty of Pandaria, Riches of Pandaria), IIRC there's a HandyNotes addon for those treasures.

Looks like there's still a bunch of Draenor stuff, Pathfinder and killing things in Tanaan, and loads of garrisony things. Once you get a garrison squared, many of the nickel and dime achievements are just a few minutes of clicking each day, or running around a single zone where you can multitask (chop trees, trap animals, find treasures, explore and quest, find followers, etc.).
Draenor quest achievements are 100% farmable so you can get most of the way to 18k just from that.

Your garrison looks pretty neglected. Just getting everything up to level 3 adds up a lot of points.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm gonna go for everything that gets mentioned in this thread besides garrisons. I don't like garrisons, but that might be because I don't know much about them and their achievements intimidate me.

I didn't realize how many archeology achievements there are and I'm gonna focus heavily on those. Any must-have addons for that?
11/03/2015 07:57 PMPosted by Torque
I didn't realize how many archeology achievements there are and I'm gonna focus heavily on those. Any must-have addons for that?

I don't use any myself. The only really useful thing to have is something like Gathermate so it keeps track of where actual digs can be (not just the dig sites) to help speed up your searching.
I've recently got back to arch for the mounts and toys, and tried Better Archaeology UI. It shows current projects at a very convenient glance, but doesn't seem to load or show all of the projects I still haven't done. That might just be a setting or something on my end though, and I haven't been fussed enough to sort it out.

Dungeon/raid meta achievements are always the quickest way to jump up a LOT of points.
An example: You're missing draenor hero achievements. If you can get some people to tag along, that meta alone would get you 195 points. Openraid.us is a great place to sign up for meta dungeon/raid achievement groups or make your own as well. If you do it right, you could easily jump 500 points in a day. Hell, you're missing heroic kill achieves from MoP as well. Those would be super quick with a premade group.
Darkmoon Fair Races would be your best bet, there are videos up for each to show shortcuts (24 Achieves in under an hour if you are good enough). You will also get a bunch of toys for that achievement.

Challenge Mode Carries you can buy a group for 150,000g - 250,000g to run you through dungeons which is another 30-Achievements alongside cool mounts and titles. When I bought for friend they did in 3-Hours.

Archaeology in Pandaria is super quick 22 Achievements to obtain 5-Artifacts of each type. Buy Keystones from Auction House and go wild. On average you will spend about 15-Hours to obtain the first 5 of most of.

Heroic Dungeons are all on farm now and would be quick, as would be Heroic Achieves for old world raids if you have any you still require. I would avoid mythic if you are looking for quick and easy as many wipe here.

And of course... Do your Garrison Chores daily for about 10-Minutes (will help fund the above gold tasks).

If you require any specific help or advice on an achievement, I am always happy to help,
I ended breaking 18k much sooner than I was expecting, so now I'm gonna try for 19k over the holidays and 20k before Legion.

Question about archaeology: I leveled to 700 and to my surprise, didn't passively pick up many achievements. Are the majority of them obtained by just digging in MoP and WoD (and getting the related cheevs) and then using restored artifacts to get the old world ones?
18k... i remember when 9k was an accomplishment >.>

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