Sign here if you dislike Fury's Artifacts.

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Watching Preach's preview I'm on the fence about the story, as he said it's a bit cheesy but then... we're warriors. What else would they give us? Another Fray Island?
We're not a niche class, we're the front line grunts. I won't recant but that's more out of my own dislike of Norse mythology- especially since it's a "thing" in the Marvel universe right now, comics and media, overplayed a bit.

However watching the opening quests as they are now, IF Varian dies, it's all the more reason to give us the skins of his blades. He'll die under the watch of Odyn, and we'll already have been sent to fetch one pair of blades. Seriously Blizz, don't screw this up. My original statement stands.

My opinion.
I dislike the artifact weapons very much, they are nice looking models but not fit to be artifacts.
extremely disappointed

Titan's Grip is pretty much the only "special" thing about warriors

every other class has their pets, class mounts, shapeshifting etc.

EDIT: so i'm hearing now that they are actually 2H swords...the wowhead artifact page still lists them as 1h swords though
12/25/2015 01:34 AMPosted by Vájra
so i'm hearing now that they are actually 2H swords...the wowhead artifact page still lists them as 1h swords though

They're two-handed on wowhead
yeah agree i myself like SMF but these weapons are lame
I'm not expecting blizzard to change them I just want them to know that its clear they invested little to no time on the warrior artifacts and it quite irritating when you look at other classes.

I would hate to transmog a "legendary" weapon. What's the point in having a legendary if you are going to make it look like an average everyday normal cata green.
I'm signing because I dislike ALL of the warrior artifacts. There is nothing to be excited about with them, no anticipation, no longing for sweet looking gear, no these artifacts are dull and do not bring about a good feeling when I look at them.
100 Tauren Warrior
I'm signing because I dislike ALL of the warrior artifacts.

Ya, I dislike all of them too. None of them fulfils any warrior fantasy. They all look like weapons from a troll patch. (ZG?)

Fundamentally, I think blizzard really needs to put extra effort into warrior artifacts. Warrior is a class that any individual from any race can become. There is no single central theme that can fit into the class and works for both alliance and horde.

Think about the visual difference between Grommash and Lothar then you will see why.
12/27/2015 11:34 PMPosted by Pikachuu
Think about the visual difference between Grommash and Lothar then you will see why.

I love Lothar's weapons, they were amazing. I would be honored to wield them. If Lothar wasn't as old as he was Doomhammer would most likely have lost.
i wish they had a quest where you were supposed to go for only one 2 hander, but in the pursuit of it your character finds another 2 hander, and you're asked to choose, and then ur like WHY NOT BOTH?
Titan's Grip is the definition of iconic. It hits the stated set marks of distinction, immersion, and customization and is arguably the most identifiable spec in-game.

It provides a unique cosmetic appeal that has a ridiculously loyal following. I myself cannot honestly claim any WoW activity has maintained my interest nearly as well as trying to maximize the potential baddassery of the DW2H look

It is a fairly simple inclusion to Legion- I know it is hard for lore to note a legendary 2-hnader, that for whatever reason there are two-of but, there is plenty of reaching (for lore-viability) already and, coupled with the loss of Glad spec, wars are feeling very compartmentalized. This isn't the end of the world but, when it is for no real gain, it is not accepted well.

If we knew the "why" they are doing this (maybe it was said somewhere, I don't know), maybe we could offer suggestions to help. If you feel it would diminish Arms prevalence as weapon masters- Arms are Martial Tacticians, favoring precision and power. If the 2nd weapon itself is hard to fathom in the lore, have our quest work into an npc (or the char via montage or w/e) attempting to make a duplicate... cmon.

TG IS Fury. Period. You are giving some classes 4 specs/a million ways to customize (Druids) and tripling the previous playstyle options of some (Hunters), fixing previous flavor messes (Warlock) and so on. For us you are keeping 2 options and killing 2 (TG and Glad).

There is no positive comparison for us as a dw fury war compared to rogues, Frost Dks, and Enh Shamans. There is no flavor or style to say why we feel epic. Stealth, ranged aoe death spam, and versatile elemental might vs. uh, plate armor (not unique!) and red mana? No, this change has nothing but negatives for us and we can only reason it to be so for...laziness? Cmon.

TLDR: There is a million reasons to keep TG and zero to be rid of it. No argument.

**Edit: I just ran into a credible video displaying that fury's weapons are in fact 2-handers. Although I dislike them being swords and their look in general, the great majority of my concern is relieved. Still -signed.
Ever since Actiivision took over Blizzard !@#$s gone down hill and keeps going downhill WoW is getting closer to CoD with the PvP changes. The warrior artifact weapons are a huge blow to warriors below the belt and a huge example of the downward spiral WoW is taking. The fury ones are plain and boring, the prot weapons look like %^-*, arms is middle of the road. Prot artifacts are my biggest hate, they are too simple, too clean, and won't match over half of the transmog sets players use. I mained prot warrior for years and after seeing the artifact weapons and the changes I finally said eff it and rerolled my class.
They have already stated that artifacts are too far along into development to be changed. Do you whiners really think that "signing" a thread on the forums with your disappointment is going to change anything? Get real..........

Blizzard Devs have ZERO idea what appeals to warriors or how to fulfill the fantasy of the class. Why would we want to use weapons that resemble gardening tools or over-elaborate can openers?

If they looked functional I'd be OK, but they have no shape that would say, "I am a weapon. Hit things with me."
Ash Bringer, Shards of !@#$ing Frost mourne, and god damn DoomHammer all of witch will be artifacts. I can understand not having Broxigar's axe but common blizz really it was to much for horde to get gore howl and give alliance varians blade since it can turn into 2 blades for fury. imo if they were just gonna make something up I would prefered us having our weapon been made brand new by dwarves of iron fordge cuz we are so strong as fighters most weapons break when we swing um, idk what I am saying.
I don't like any of the warriors artifacts.
How many times will this thread be made?

It is CONFIRMED that the fury artifacts ARE 2H and that the current models are too small and will scaled up.
I hate that there were so few iconic weapons in general.

I was super excited at the thought of inheriting something like Varian's swords, or Broxigar's axe. I have to admit I'm pretty green with envy (no pun intended) that Shaman are inheriting arguably the most famous weapon in all of Warcraft, and all we get is utterly generic, forgettable stuff.
They literally said during their QA session at Blizzcon that the last thing they'd want to do with Fury is remove the iconic TG, and give them 1h. They said that the weapons were scaling improperly and this was the reason they look small now.

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