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I've been playing since July. I haven't found that "perfect" character that I can live with long enough to level to 100. My priest though I'm hopeful for. I asked in trade chat and kept getting ignored. What I want is a leveling and questing guild who can be patient with me while I learn the ropes of each class and find something I love :D Raids and dungeons are rather hard for me but I'm willing to keep plugging away at them. I don't want a guild that has ridgid times to be (for raids) on because I don't know if I could meet them all the time. I play in the late morning (Weekends) or between 2-6 pm (MTW), and I'm on and off throughout the day (Thursday and Friday) due to chores and such :)
Nice to meet you Artmissa! What you describe as your ideal guild sounds just like my guild! We are a casual alliance guild located on Gilneas server. I would really like to chat more about what my guild can offer you! Please add my battletag, Dreamer#1699. I will be online later today, but if you want to speak with someone right away, my husband is online right now. His battletag is Muppet#1307.

Look forward to chatting with you!!
Thanks :D I'll have to check out what Gilenas. Maybe your guild might just secure the home I've been looking for

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