Arcane Charges is being Overhauled

We'll have a better idea in about 10 minutes.

Not liking new mastery either. The whole fun of arcane to me is balancing mana at the perfect percentage to maximize mastery's effectiveness. This new mastery just sounds like "get a bunch of mana so you can AB more till you OOM then have a trash rotation at 0 mana till you can evo and burn again"

Not quite.

Did you ever play arcane in BC or in WOTLK? Even then, arcane was all about mana management.

Arcane in Burning Crusade
Arcane first became a viable spec when we got AB back in Burning Crusade. That combined with the 2T5 set bonus, which used to be +20% damage to arcane blast, made arcane the top dps spec in the game for that tier.

The rotation was simple: you had arcane blast, which did lots of damage and drained your mana. And you had frostbolt, which was weak but cost almost no mana. Arcane Missiles was not part of the rotation. Arcane Blast didn't cost nearly as much mana as it does now, but it was still far too much to spam non-stop.

To add some flavor to the rotation, you could do a "burn phase" with arcane power and max-AB spam, followed by evocation on a 5 minute cooldown, and every 2 minutes you'd drink a mana potion and mana gem. Back then, the "one-potion-per-fight" rule didn't exist. It was pretty common to drink 40 mana potions in a 3-hour raid.

The goal of the rotation was to cast as many arcane blasts as possible, while inserting the minimum necessary frostbolts. If you had perfect play, your mana bar would finally run completely dry just as the fight ended.

Arcane in Wrath of the Lich King
Arcane in WOTLK was very similar to arcane in BC. The main difference was that the cooldown on evocation was reduced to 2 minutes. This changed the rotation from "use all available mana in the fight" to "use all available mana in 2 minutes". Overall quite similar to the BC rotation, but more forgiving of mistakes. This is what I consider the pinnacle of arcane.

Arcane in Mists of Pandaria
Mastery is added. The rotations flips completely. Instead of "Make use of every bit of mana posible" the rotation changed to "keep almost all your mana in reserve to benefit from mastery". To me this never fight like "real" arcane.

I welcome the change in Legion, because it sounds like they are reverting arcane to something much closer to BC or WOTLK arcane. Instead of trying to keep your mana at max, the goal will once again be all about using every available bit of mana and casting the largest possible amount of high-mana cost high-damage arcane blasts. The new mastery gives more mana, which means you'll be able to cast more ABs... excellent!!!

I don't think Legion's rotation will be about spamming AB at max rate then maintaining a low rotation. Similar to BC and WOTLK, only poor players will do that. I expect The new rotation will still look quite similar to the current rotation. Throughout the rotation, except during burn phases, the goal will again be to have your mana bar decline at just the right rate.

If you just spam 4-stack AB till you're OOM and then maintain a trash rotation till the next evocation... your damage will suck. And it SHOULD suck because it means you blew it and messed up the rotation.
Depending on how the damage compares between blast and missiles, it'll probably end up being a rotation similar to how we play with the class trinket.

Blasting and mostly ignoring missiles unless they cap til 0, evocate, then weaving missiles in til you can repeat.
I just started Arcane in WoD, but I don't mind the current state regarding mana. It's actually somewhat fun. What I was hoping for was some decent aoe damage without having to respec.
I didn't get the change on Arcane Charge. So it basically only change the place in the UI ?
11/09/2015 11:42 AMPosted by Lori
I didn't get the change on Arcane Charge. So it basically only change the place in the UI ?

Sounds like it.

"First, for added mechanical clarity, Arcane Charges are now an actual resource located underneath your Mana bar instead of a stacking debuff. The functionality is still very much the same, but this change should make their accumulation and use more distinct. "

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