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Hey guys! Jasreha of Wyrmrest Accord, here, asking for a favor.

Some of you may recall early this year, I had a similar survey; however, the way it was carried out was incorrect, as I was informed by my Senior year math teacher. As an International Baccalaureate student, I have to write an essay in my math class. My chosen topic regards the relationship between hours on WoW and English ACT scores.

If you’d answer these two questions, that would be great!

To the best of your ability, please estimate the following:

Your highest English ACT score (1-36):
Hours spent per week on World of Warcraft:
Score: 34 (this was 11 years ago though)
Hours: Uh, a lot. At least 30 right now. Less if I could find steady work.

Edit: Oh, just the English portions? Or English as in our country? The score above was my subsection in the Reading and Language portions. My overall score was 31.
32 in the English portions in 96.
Yep! Just the English section!

Quintus, any chance I can get the average hours per week as well?

Thank you!
At this point, two tops. When I'm actually engaged in the game, probably about 16 or so.
do u want an SAT conversion rate score or na
11/15/2015 04:51 PMPosted by Hedo
do u want an SAT conversion rate score or na

If you can send a link to the website as well, that would work!
30 in 2009.

About 30 hours a week.

got a 2130 when I played wow like 50 hrs per week, so that's like a 32 on the sat (just think if i opened a prep book xd im so dumb)

now i play wow like .5 hours per week


edit: my english score was actually my highest at like 745 so if you're looking for english only, the score you should convert is 1490 not 1420
English was my highest score in 2012 when I took the ACT, with a 32.

Currently I probably play around 15-20 hours a week, although when I took it I wasn't actively playing WoW.
11/15/2015 04:12 PMPosted by Jasreha
Your highest English ACT score (1-36):Hours spent per week on World of Warcraft:

ACT: 31
Hours per week: 10-12 roughly.
I'm curious as to what exactly this information will show for you. A correlation between high scores and high number of hours played doesn't seem to show much to this rot brain. Are people with high enough intelligence in English drawn to a game like WoW or does playing WoW improve your English score? More specifically, would RPers with the increase in typing and variety of words they would encounter be amoung the highest scorers? Sort of like how the more you read the better you are at writing.

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