Venerated on Moon Guard - Horde

Moon Guard

Friendly Raiding/social guild comprised of experienced raiders (13/13 Heroic HFC Leader and members). We're a newly formed guild recruiting for ALL ROLES. Raids are 8pm-11pm CST (Server Time), Fridays and Saturdays. Loot will be set to Master Loot. We use a fair loot distribution system, none of that loot council crap. If you win a piece of loot from a boss, then others will take priority over you for the next piece. We do Heroic HFC, as well as Normal for those who still need to gear up. For our Heroic raids, iLvL 690 is the minimum. For our Normal raids, 685 is the minimum.. You are expected to at least watch videos on the fights if you don't know them. Vent is required for raids. ---NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, BUT PREFERRED---


Sure, this guild might be raid focused, but that doesn't mean it's required! We take in anyone who wants a place to just hang out, PvP, RP, or do random junk together. You are expected to respect each other. This is an LGBT-friendly guild. Anyone discovered to be harassing anyone in guild over any differences they might have in this regard, will be removed and blacklisted. --THE MAIN STRICT REQUIREMENT FOR US IS THAT YOU ARE 18+---, and if you were one of those people who were offended about the "Starbucks" cup changing, then you are not welcome and should separate yourself from society (IE: if you're easily offended, this isn't your guild)


Vat#1866 (Guild Leader)
Dorsaken#1636 (Officer)
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Feel free to add either Btag in the description to contact us in-game.
What a wonderful time to be a monk.
I approve of this post.
Got a few new guildies so far. Some promising raiders, some socials, some people I don't even know. Keep it coming!
Did you know that eating celery is technically exercise? When you eat celery, you burn more calories digesting it than you consume.
Really? I'll have to eat more celery. Just recently, I went past the threshold of weight I'd consider kawaii af and I need to get back in it.
Mmmm celery :3
I like the sound of Venerated, will have to PM ya in game.

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