Idea for new (not hero) class: Shadow Hunter

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First let me start by stating that english is not my first language and I hope that the reader fogives very possible grammatical or writting mistakes.

Been thinking a bit and I think that a Shadow Hunter class would be a very good idea for the game. I would like to see a new non hero class based on this concept somwhere in the future.

My ideas for this new possible class are as follows:

Races: Trolls, orcs and forsaken for the horde; Night elves and draenei (possibly gnomes?) for the alliance.
This races seems like the most adequate lorewise for this class and would show the influence of Vol'Jin as the new warchief (whcich we haven't really seen yet), and for the alliance could be a possible way to expand the existing draenei lore so that the broken draenei of the alliance could teach this arts to their new allies.

Combat: Ranged weapons, leather or mail armor (different type could benefit different playstyle), three specs: Witch Doctor (Healer), Voodoo Hexxer (DPS) and Dark Seer (Buffer/Support).

I think that is fair that we get a new class that can use ranged weapons, since hunters are the only one that can right now. However the class will be mainly focused on casting spells, the whole class would be dark themed, like an amalgamation of shadow priest, restoration shaman, hunter and affliction warlock. Imagine your caracter standing in the middle of combat, channeling a dark spell inside an aura around him, performing a dance that channels this dark energy through him to cast a spell to heal, destroy, debuff or empower yourself powered up by the Loa, the Old Gods, The Forgotten Shadow or The Dark Nether.

The Witch Doctor spec will be a healing spec that uses dark magic and potions to heal and protect, calling upon the spirits of the Loa, the Forgotten Shadow or the Old Gods. Could be maily focused on area of effect healing over time by using auras or wards so that they would be a very mobile healing class that depends on positioning and aim to heal and protect. This spec could use ligther armor that would beneffit their mana reneneration and spell power.

The Voodoo Hexxer will be a DPS spec that will use ranged weapons (maybe even throwing weapons) to do damage, but the main source of damage will be curses or Hexxes that could be place on enemies by casting, auto attacking o doing the right cobinations of their abilities. I imagine something like placing curses or diseases that, when done in the right order, makes the target more succeptible to critical strikes or something like that. This spec could use mail armor that would beneffit their crit chance, physical damage and survivability (maybe they could need to get in close range to apply certain curse).

The Dark Seer is my personal view of a new possible role in the game (aside from tank, dps and healer), and is a role that mainly focuses on buffing and enhancing teammates and summoning allies to fight. This spec will be focused in area of effect, short duration, channeled, powerful buffs, positioning and mobility being key to maximize their effectiveness, in this case the wards and auras would beneffit allies standing in the affected area around the caster, and, when not in a goup, would have the option of summoning lesser Loa spirits to buff and fight for them. This spec could use mail armor to increase survivability and casting speed.

Ok, maybe I'm overextending in customization and maybe the specs are a little too different to each other to be exactly as I propose them, but I think that the grat thing about specs is that the allow a single class to be played in a very focused aspect of the general class. The armor bonuses that I propose (and all other aspects of the class) are of course subjected to modifications since I haven't tought of all the details and effects in the gameplay.

Finally, I would like to add that I don't see this class as a hero class since there just not enough lore or flavor (in terms of story) to make the class heroic, besides that I don't really like the concept of hero classes (tho the DK turned out really good from a lore perspective). I would really like this class to be playeable all the way up from level 1.

Thank you for reading all that :) I really hope you reply with your thought on this topic.
Shadow hunters are basically a cross between hunters and shaman both mechanically and thematically, and adding them as a new class would be stepping on both those classes' toes, not to mention that there is absolutely no lore basis for anyone but trolls having them. And really, do we actually want a third class called "hunter?"

I think it would be far preferable to introduce talents and cosmetic glyphs for hunters and shaman that could give them a more shadow hunter feel.
Hunters, Demon Hunters, and now Shadow Hunters.....
12/20/2015 05:22 PMPosted by Cynya
Hunters, Demon Hunters, and now Shadow Hunters.....

I heard Blizz is renaming death knights to death hunters and warriors to war hunters.

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