Can't connect to remote guild chat

Mobile Bug Report

I'm stuck at work tonight and was trying to use the remote guild chat part of the armory app, and it will not let me stay signed into it on this character. I can sign in on my other characters and stay connected just fine. I have tried restarting my phone and clearing the data for the app to no avail. Unfortunately, this character is the only one in my new guild, so connecting with my others does no real good right now. Wasn't sure if there was something I'm missing...?

I'm using an Xperia Z3v on Verizon
I have the same issue. Any solutions?
I have the exact same issue (ZTE ZMAX.) I can sign into guild chat with 1 toon, however not two that are in the same guild. I have restarted the phone as well as reinstalled the app.

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