Warlock 3s help

I have been reading almost every warlock pvp guide out there I understand the class extremely well. I do good damage almost always top in rbgs and arenas. Ect I am not trash

I have two questions though. For interupts I am having issues focusing on interupts and maintaining dots while tracking movements of my team and the other team the main issue I am having is catching deep pollys.

The other is with cc I seem to have hit a brick wall at 1600 and keep staying between there and 1650. I am playing aff/ele/holy pally we have are cc chain down good for closing on kills but on heavy melee comps I feel almost useless when trained I have ports up ect and can stay up but my damage goes to !@#$ and it's hard to even get ua's up.

Is there a guide I could read that is more on prioritys of when and what I should be fearing? Or is this something I will just have to learn over time ? I have plated lock for a long time but I am just now getting in to arena first time breaking 1550 was late last season about 3 weeks after hitting 100 after about a 2 year break.

I have watched streams but it's hard to follow what they are doing other then ports and positioninh . Any help would be great any tips are welcome.

Ps: on phone sorry about the wall of letters
get the addon called platebuffs which will help you see what dots are falling off and will help you keep them up
I use kui it's not a issue of watching the dots it's the issue of not missing interupts while watching the dots
12/17/2015 11:44 PMPosted by Hëxë
on heavy melee comps I feel almost useless when trained
GladiatorLossa is an addon (bit of a crutch) that helps with awareness by vocally calling out cooldowns and abilities (such as Poly) used by the enemy team.

That and working on communicating with your team in voice chat should help you out.
soul swap glyph is pretty cool for double melee since you will cast fairly less with it

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