Warlock Destro Healing Glitch Arena.

There is a way Warlock Destruction are healing for tones in arena especially when u sacrifice ur Void Walker to get the stam buff. That gives a ridiculous amount of health so when be used with full stacks of Ember (which now is super easy to get) can get a warlock to 10% to 100% in seconds, and that even with 70% dempeding....

I beg blizz found this post and nerf that so we can have fun again without this unbalance. Feel free to promote this post if u agree that Destruction Warlock healing is broken or glitched.
just had to deal with this like 50 times capping a few toons +1
glitch is not what you think it means
Its broken, yes, but its 100% working as intended....

While it should be nerfed, I'm sure most people on this forum agree that there are far more game breaking mechanics that need to be nerfed, and i'm not even talking about the ones that are actually glitched (like in combat sap bug).

Besides destro without its healing would probably be the worst spec in the game, maybe even worse than ele... all its damage is hardcasted, it has pathetic sustained, near 0 mobility and can be basically defeated by 1 pillar. I would definitely be in favor of nerfing destro healing, but only after a lot of other classes get more important nerfs.

Also destro saccing a voidwalker has no interrupt... just saying.
this isnt a bug
NOT BROKEN, Have you even played a destro before????? U have any freaking idea how hard it is to cast???? Yes we can heal a lot but we sacrifice our dmg in return, get over yourself , play the class and find out how hard it can be, FYI if a destro lock is healing then its not doing ANY DAMAGE so there is a big downfall to our healing, everything we do takes time even our burst takes time. we can just pull it out our !@# like most classes do, with a destro its a lot of sacrificing something to get something else

FYI the way we get embers so fast is due to our 100 talent Charred Remains but we sacrifice 50% of our dmg of our main casting spells so we our taking a huge Debuff to use this talent

Like i said its a lot of sacrificing with this class
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70% dempeding....


Ya, this, how did you even get into dampening if the lock was destro? Like wot?
Not a bug. Destro needs to be live lords or the spec is worthless. You spam heals and kite till you get an opening for chaos bolt. If a lock is sacrificing his void take advantage of the fact that he can't interrupt your casts. It's balanced you just need to play better
sounds like you suck
Lol. Look at ladders and tournys. CLEARLY destro is the most broken thing about this game.

Get your priorities sorted dude.

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