Twas the raid-night before Christmas

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Twas the raid-night before Christmas, the raid team was full,
no doubts could be had, we were ready to pull.
The lockouts were prepped with our alternate monk,
in hopes that phat loots in our bags would be sunk.

The healers were planning their cooldowns and buffs,
while tanks talked of tank swaps, mitigation and stuff.
And DPS were waiting, their meters reset,
top damage on Archi, for sure they would get.

When out came the call to clear mumble chat,
"Focus up" came the call, quiet came just like that.
The pull timer counted, five-four-three-two-one,
with a pre-pot and a charge, the fight had begun.

Moved to position, the tank had his threat,
all cooldowns now popped, my pants, they were wet,
when, just to my left popped a Doomfire Spirit,
we moved in to cleave the add and boss near it.

With an outburst of damage, ring proc from Thorasus,
a quick end to the Spirit, his !@#(us) was grass(us).
Out near the ranged, blew a Shadowfel Burst,
just one knocked up and fell, caught by his team-members first.

So on raged the fight, killing adds as they popped,
and in kind one by one, the demons did drop.
Phase two was upon us, and the stacking on tanks,
preparing to run, to break shackles and ranks.

"Break all chains at once,
then return to the stack
We'll soak it with Devo,
and resume the attack!
Pick up the pace,
it's almost phase three.
Let's clean up these adds,
Someone Vigilance me."

And then, in a instant, appeared Nether Banish,
some hopped to the tank and away they did vanish.
The rest of the raid left to deal with stuff upstairs,
Rain of Chaos, Infernals, the stuff of nightmares.

The Hunters were sharp, taunting Infernals away,
there would be no re-genning their health on this day.
With the last of them down, we turned back to the boss,
with friends back from the nether to assist in our cause.

Archimonde's health was dropping, execute range,
a kill now in sight if nothing else changed.
One more round of Nether, Infernals and Rain,
Our ring cooldown up, time to bring the pain.
With single minded focus, we took our last swings,
an end to poor Archi, we swiftly would bring.
His health now at five percent, two percent .. DEAD!
The nerd screams on mumble, my ears surely bled.

We looked round the room and were taken surprise,
no resses were needed for no one had died!
Time for the loot as we knelt at the body,
bonus rolls at the ready if loot drops were shoddy.
Ring upgrades for all, and class trinkets for some,
some weapons, some off slots, twas well worth the run.

Spirits were high, twas not even nine,
with phat loot this early, we have lots of time.
Raid leader looked proud, and in a voice said quite stoic,

"Happy Raid-Night to all, now let's move on to Heroic!"
Ha! Love it!

Very well done! Thanks for the read!
awesome poem
Great poem! Fun to read.
Brilliant c':
A+ read
First time I ever clicked the "Request Sticky" button. Well done sir! :-D
Very nice! Loved it
Fantastic job, Lutra!
Why did I miss this? This is amazing!

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