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12/17/2015 12:15 AMPosted by Marsiely
huh, odd, I found the Shadowmoon dailies, which was near our castle, to be very Alliance biased...

Yeesh, don't you need to be a Fire Mage to burn that effectively?
12/17/2015 02:02 AMPosted by Veriun
12/17/2015 01:17 AMPosted by Kiwiani

Wah wah wah EMFH is too OP. Horde garrisons suck alliance is better. We never get the Pit daily! I seem to remember seeing the forums explode with whining horde crybabies ALL DAMN EXPANSION!!!!!! You might want to rethink as you look foolish right now.

EMFH is OP which resulted to PVP being one sided

You garrisons are waaaaay better looking than ours and we don't even see that much people complaining about it

We needed the pit but we didn't get soon enough even though they could've just put a missive into the game

All of these are serious issues and they deserve to be addressed

But what do you guys complain about? You can't use the garrison ability in frostfire OMG HORDE BIAS? You loose a base you don't even use in the warlords pre-expansion event OMG HORDE BIAS? Sunreavers getting back in Dalaran OMG HORDE BIAS!

And all the ridiculous crap you cry about?

One person complained! I said it was fair so did everyother alliance player in this thread we think the OP is wrong too. But you cannot get that can you. My point is there is QQing all the time on both sides. And Ilove how you justify horde QQing as ok. But please go ahead keep on being a hypocrite.
First, Hallows end. Secondly, that stuff is not hard. I did not see anyone using garrison ability when I ran through it. Could be useful but I don't feel it is a big deal.

Edit: Corrected bot to but
it's called a mage tower son port right to FFR...
12/31/2016 10:54 PMPosted by Spikespiegel
it's called a mage tower son port right to FFR...

Good job bumping up that 1 year old thread.
12/31/2016 10:54 PMPosted by Spikespiegel
it's called a mage tower son port right to FFR...

One heck of a necro thread "son"
While we're here...

12/17/2015 12:12 AMPosted by Mauvellia
Why is it they can use their Garrison Ability on them(cause it's in Frostfire) BUT Alliance can't?

Sort of unfair, they get "help" to make the dailies "easier" while ALLIANCE get shafted, AGAIN

Horde - always getting everything closer/easier/faster ...they are like the baby birds of WoW getting fed by mama
So what? The Alliance get the advantage with Draenor Hallow's End dailies due to them taking you to southern Shadowmoon Valley. It's literally even.
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