Extra Stable Slots?

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I would at least like another page so I don't have to delete pets I worked hard to get in previous xpacs.

10 slots per xpac seems fair.
Make Stables Great Again !!

Stables are a showcase of a hunter's journey.
One or two more tabs wouldn't hurt
even having em like the battle pet and mount tabs and / or ....

make the stable usable by ALL current and future hunters on that account !
07/27/2016 05:33 PMPosted by Flashtrigger
Because people asking for more doesn't harm you. If you don't like seeing people ask for more, ignore them.

Why do you get special privileges to express your opinion but we don't? Who dictates whose opinion is right and whose is wrong? We have every right to express our thoughts as you do.
Everyone's got an opinion..
Your expressing your opinion by posting on here, so everyone posting is special.
Some are argumentative about everything just to get a rise out of people...

Wether it's a short term or long term solution , a solution is a solution.

There's a reason why they call it beast mastery...
Also isn't there a collections tab to feed all the other addictions.

Think of something you enjoy in game and think hey maybe that should be minimized?

Why restrict something unless your going to make the same restriction on everything.
05/16/2017 07:50 AMPosted by Moodeep

make the stable usable by ALL current and future hunters on that account !

I would love this as one of my hunters has a pet you can no longer tame and doing it that way would make it so hunters wouldn't have to keep taming the same set of rare pets if they make another hunter on another server/faction.
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You are a retard. How many battle pets we got, how many mounts we got, they are collections. You don't effing need 500 mounts but people strive to collect them all. Hunter pets is a collection not unlike any other.
Now, no need in name calling, especially when you are wrong. You are allowed 55 pets. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55. That's a lot of numbers there. You hopefully get the point.

11/28/2015 12:48 PMPosted by Aleyah
Hunter pets are a lot more resource-intensive than mounts or battle pets. And I don't just mean dev time.
We cain't have logic in this thread, though to be fair, it ain't as much the case anymore one would think. Then again, they'd add more if they could as well.

ETA Has thought of expanding the pet collections over several Hunters and not just one ever occur? I mean I might have 55 pets but they are spread out over several Hunters.

First of all, YOU are not a hunter. YOU are a level 8 warrior account that is afraid to post his main in this forum.

Second of all, if you are not a hunter, why does it matter to you? Why do you have an opinion on something that has NO bearing on your play?

Third, if you just want to troll... fine. We have the right to ignore you. Your opinion is just an annoyance.

Hunters have spent time, in the case of Loque sometimes weeks camping, for their hunter pets. We love every one of them. Yes, I spent a LOT of time getting rares and have been full for 2 expansions. I have been wanting for more slots now and been vocal about it. I am not willing to give up a pet that I spent a week or more camping and then using in pvp and/or pve, raiding, and leveling just because I can't get the newest and shiniest pets. It means I have to wait. And wait some more. By the way, the last time we had a stable slot increase was 2013.

For whatever reason, Blizz is taking its time on this. We have collections of mounts that are a few hundred, battle pets that are a few HUNDRED, yet hunter pets are limited to 55 - which may seem like a lot to a NON-hunter, but when you factor in all the spirit beasts, tank pets, buff pets (from previous expacs) pets no longer available in game, rare pets, challenge pets, I hope you sort of get the idea. The stable is FULL.
05/16/2017 07:50 AMPosted by Moodeep
Make Stables Great Again !!

Stables are a showcase of a hunter's journey.
One or two more tabs wouldn't hurt
even having em like the battle pet and mount tabs and / or ....

make the stable usable by ALL current and future hunters on that account !

Oh I wish my hunters could share tames. I have some rares on one hunter that I will never get on any others. Sigh. That is a dream. I like the way you think.
I've been playing my hunter for the past 6 years... I had 50 stables slots when I started playing... do you know how many new hunter pets have been added to the game in that time? Do you know how many new stable slots we got to allow us to collect more pets? You get the point...
Yes Hunters could use some more stable slots. I have 9 spirit beasts (still need to farm/wait on others), 6 core hounds, 4 wolf (so far the ones I care about), 3 cats...,..., My stable is full, three active empty for tames I may like or rare etc., don't know why can't store anymore in stable. Personally I was hoping to see more space when I came back after WoD, nope, then when Legion was released I was like well maybe now, nope! Again, personally I think we should be given 20 more slots and 10 more each time a new expansion is released.
11/28/2015 10:20 PMPosted by Icurseyoface
11/28/2015 09:49 PMPosted by Whim
Imagine you get 100 slots and there are 150 skins, you are still going to want that 150 and you wont be satisfied. I understand that people are collectors, I also understand that unless a lot of these people can't have three of everything then they won't be happy. You seem to think that I don't know what you mean, I do, but I also know that you won't be happy. You can stretch the collection over several Hunters, but no you are going to want it all on one character. Hanners hit the nail on the head. It ain't coming anytime soon and when it does, the collectors still will not be happy.

100 slots with 150 uniques is exactly the problem....we should have enough slots to have all the uniques, how do you not see that?

I don't see anyone saying they need 3 Loquenahaks. All I see is people saying they want their Loquenahak, their Arcturis, their Banthalos etc, without having to abandon one of them to tame Mechano pets in Legion.

And spanning it over multiple hunters? Why should we need to do that? People collect transmog and disliked how limited they were, so blizzard expanded it once and they're doing so again in Legion. It's like making people split up their mounts across characters, there's no reason for that. If they're going to add more, we should be able to have more.

You keep playing this insatiable card for no reason, people are saying "Can we have enough slots for everything?" and your counter is "OH BUT THEN YOU'LL WANT EVERYTHING x2".

Slippery slope arguments are poor and very flawed, because it has no actual basis in reality. No one has asked for that, so you can't invalidate the request based on what might come in the future.

They did add wardrobe and pet journal and mount tab. They could add a stable tab and make it easier on us because, let's face it - THERE IS NEVER A STABLE WHERE YOU NEED ONE! (Now I want a stable tab.)
I think its one of the fun things about playing a hunter. I have played off and on since launch, probably more off than on, but one of the things that i very much enjoyed that hasnt changed a whole lot is finding cool pets.

I have a story behind each tame whether it is "i camped this for days" or "I couldn't believe i want to the spawn site and there he was" or even the time "i snuck into the troll starting area for Sarkoth when i was a level 15 NELF and the guards killed me 11 times, but i got him on number 12" even "i was there for 6 hours and when he popped some Horde came over while I was taming and killed him". I can't get rid of any of these pets.

It's a part of the game that I really enjoy and I would like to keep enjoying all I need is more slots.

I don't even really want a slot for every rare, but at least 75%. I do not understand why other people would be against this little perk for hunters.
Ok just added 2 more spirit beasts, have been releasing some of the pets in stable that I think will always be around and only have two empty slots (before putting the 2 acquired pets in). Blizzard I need more stable slots I still havent got some of the old hard to get/camp ones yet but working on it lol. Come on do this for the hunters. If so give 10 for WoD and 10 for legion 20 total and 5-10 more for every other expansion you release. Thanks.
I have all the spirit beasts and most of the MoP rare tames (wich made us feel like true hunters, following footprints and stuff, so much fun), and some other rares, and right now I only have 2 stable slots available.

Please Blizzard, it's time to add more slots. At least two or three more tabs.

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