**TopUS20 Reforming**<H>-US Kil'Jaeden

Guild Recruitment
We are a brand new guild composed of players returning to the game after being off for a couple years. Our goals are to play the game at the highest level with minimal amount of time, we want to have lives outside of the game, but still be good at it.
We will offer so much to those who would commit, not just consumables/repairs. Our raid style is to be relaxed, have fun, and compete with top guilds.

*The Leaders*
Our leaders have an extensive background in end-game raiding. We have raided/lead many Top US20 kills, and Many Realm firsts, dating back from BC.
Once the guild is up and running we will be competing for TOP US kills, and realm firsts. We want to have a solid core going into Legion.

We are a loot council guild, the Leads will fairly and equally distribute loot without bias.

Tues/Thurs/Sun 7:30pm-10:30pm PST
*** These raid times are subject to change***

GM-Treesnbeer Real ID- Michael1996
GM-Jabbabot Real ID- SGTFISH#1621

If you're looking to be apart of something great, NOW is the time.
Please feel free to contact myself or my Co-GM in game, anytime.
Don't Wait or Hesitate, We will be a top guild, and you can be a top Raider with us.
Recruitment is Open.
11/28/2015 01:25 PMPosted by Jabbabot
We are a loot council guild, the Leads will fairly and equally distribute loot without bias.

Last night's raid with your guild turned me off of Group finder pugs indefinitely. If you wanted to obtain items for your the Hunter you were carrying, why didn't you reserve items rather than give another grief over a fair roll for a needed item. (Yes I had the N level of the item, but why do Heroic pugs if not for the H upgrade? Add insult to injury the hunter carry hasn't even done N HFC! )

To be clear, one of your guildies tried to roll twice to get the item for the hunter carry. An item I clearly stated I was looking for. Had they out-rolled me, I wouldn't have realized if the gear was kept from me, and it looks like that was intended. It *sounded* like it would have been passed to the guildie who was rolling had I not objected in voice.

In the end the item was fairly passed to me, but your guild's conduct was disgraceful - so much so, that there was no way I was going to waste my lockout on Gorefiend for needed tier only to have to argue my case for a fair shot.

Shameful conduct that is horrible for the community.
Who are you? @Scattorz
Like seriously, who are you? I like your guild name though mate. Good luck in your future raiding endeavors! God Bless 'Merica! And happy New years. @Scattorz

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