Arms artifact

12/17/2015 07:07 AMPosted by Voljek
mogging it seems way to much like an alliance wep over a horde one i just wish all the artifacts were a bit more faction neutral.

I imagine Alliance are not to happy about getting a tauren spear for surv either.

Srry if this double posts, I tried quoting and i failed buuut...I rather enjoy the Survival hunter spear, and my hunter is Alli. I plan to use the wolf skin as soon as I get it though ;)
I'm not a big fan. It doesn't feel very special to be honest. I will be mogging mine for sure.
I'm not much of a fan but given how different some mogs look I'm hopeful a better one will emerge.

Not a big fan of the backstory either, seems like it came out of nowhere esp compared to ret pallys
12/17/2015 09:06 AMPosted by Dronnar
12/17/2015 08:54 AMPosted by Anomanderpur
I got few mogs for it...
The overall design of the warrior weapons in general were garbage. So many better looking weapons out there then the crap they left us to choose. Not one of the artifact skins should be used by any warrior so we might get a slim chance of them to redesign something worth looking at.
every single skin is overcolored, cartoonish garbage that looks like a foam/plastic toy in a kids isle
12/17/2015 09:06 AMPosted by Dronnar
12/17/2015 08:54 AMPosted by Anomanderpur
I got few mogs for it...
Plan to mog the Warrior stuff at the start.

Kind of disappointed as I read the comics and know how bad !@# the Axe of Cenarius looks. With artistic license in creating the advanced form and beyond, it could've been amazing and not just the fourth artifact sword that Warriors -- supposed masters of weapons and arms -- get.

Then again, the Axe of Cenarius is likely too powerful to be in the hands of players at the moment. It's the only weapon that has ever injured the true form of Sargeras. Even Ashbringer pales in comparison in terms of potential.
The Arms weapon looks better than the Fury weapons do. I actually kinda like it. The Prot set actually looks really good, IMO.
I'm pretty disappointed with both the arms and fury weapons. Both in appearance and lore. Neither of them look like weapons you would picture as legendary or warrior-ish.


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