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The map is helpful to have up on screen but even on minimize it is in the way. Anyway to move the map position on minimize or to make it smaller? I know I can change the opaqueness, I don't mean that.
I don't know about the default map, to be quite honest ... but I use a map addon called SexyMap that is very customizable. You can change the size, move it around wherever you want, and change it to multiple different looks.
02/04/2011 11:29 AMPosted by Cursd
If so, there is an addon called move anything, not sure if the shift m zone map is in the controls, i never bothered to look.

may check to see later for myself as well

You can right-click the tab on the shift-M map and move it by selecting "Unlock frame" and "Lock frame".

Cursd, I mean the map that comes up when you use M key, the area you are in. So i can run and look at where I am on map at same time. I can see pretty well on minimizing the map but would like to move the window or make it even smaller.

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