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In previous polls and forum discussions, we've focused a lot on PvE content: which new quest zone was your favorite, how you celebrate certain holiday events, and even if you've been slaughtered by local wildlife. But PvE is only one (delicious) slice of the World of Warcraft pie.

For many of you, when someone asks, "What is best in life?" there's only one answer: "To crush the newbs, see them driven before me, and read their lamentations on the forums" -- and we salute you. There are a variety of ways to defeat your foes, though, and we want know which of those you enjoy the most. Do you like to fight the good fight in Battlegrounds, go toe-to-toe with opponents in Arenas, or are you more inclined to see the world, meet new players, and engage in a little Player-vs.-Player tête-à-tête?

Let us know!
What's your favorite way to get your fill of PvP action?
Poll ended on Feb 11, 2011
Healing in pvp is quite fun.

Mostly because there is only one or two people doing it.
I have a group of 5 guildies where we lvl toons all the way through bg's starting at lvl 10 with XP tunred ON. At higher lvls bg's lose alot of their flare. This wasn't an option so I had to type it out. *Here's for reforging at low lvls*
Cue the muppets!

I am not huge into PvP but when I get attacked, I will put on my pvp set and I will kick your butt.

Well I enjoyed TB...
02/03/2011 4:25 PMPosted by Killercaitie
Cue the muppets!


You just made my day... Thanks!
I have a group of 5 guildies where we lvl toons all the way through bg's with XP tunred ON. This wasn't an option so I had to type it out.

Consider it a write-in. ;)

That said, the first poll option is "I enjoy normal Battlegrounds, while leveling and/or at level cap," which would absolutely apply to your preferred style.
I guess I was being more specific :) with having a group and all.
I agree, healing in PVP is hella fun. Arenas are exciting, BG's are pwnfests, and there's nothing better than tanking 5 people who, for some reason or another, have all forgotten where their interrupt button is.
02/03/2011 4:27 PMPosted by Gristlejack
You just made my day... Thanks!

The muppets make everything better!

Also, I chose to not PvP.

I will if need be (such as to get me a new mini-pet) But I really rather not!
i haven't been able to play war games cuz every time i try it brings up error messages about the group not having the same rating or something. I wish there were still skirmishes so i could fool around in boomkin spec :*(
I like arena. I just wish my Boom was more viable there. Seems as though Boomkins are easy targets lately. I don't know anyone that isn't having issues. This does not deter me though. I love being a boomkin and I have an awesome mage partner. Were on our way up. Just gearing the boom a bit better and learning new things.

I do like the fact that they changed Arena and I do not have to wait for points. Also with the current system. It encourages you to do your best. You have to win to get the points. I really like this.

Battlegrounds can be very enjoyable when all is working together.

I have unfortunately been unable to compete in rated BG so far. I hope soon this will happen for me.

World PVP on my server is still alive. Although you don't see quiet as much of it unless your farming ;) I actually get excited when I get attacked. I know that's weird but it's like an adrenaline rush for me.

I'd love to do Arena or Rated Battlegrounds, however it isn't up to me - can't find anyone else interested.

So I don't do either.

No option for "All dressed up but no where to go"... but that's my answer.
What about option:
- I used to love and do WG (and did other PvP to gear for it) but do not do PvP in Cata

Most of the people that I know are in that category :)
Real big on battlegrounds. Some people don't seem to like them at certain levels, me? I'll do a BG any level, I love each and every bracket.

Also, I'm an enthusiastic world PvPer, yet I prefer not to instigate. I'd rather take the moral high ground and kill in self defense.
Normal BGs for me, although WoW account is running out in a few weeks.

I think this will end up the number one result, apart from maybe the "PvP anywhere", for people that pretend PvP exists outside of BGs and arena I guess.
Alterac Valley is my favourite pass time. The large scale battle with so many ways to turn the tide and win - I just wish a bit more developer attention went towards it. There have been bugs going on for absolutely ages in that BG.

NPC's should never be overpowered by gear and I know an issue with wrath was that it was such a task to get anyone to take notice that blitz was happening every game - you'd queue for 10 minutes for the game to be over in 5. The captains stayed at 500k health the entire expansion... and the silence is deafening when it comes to any battleground issues. :(

While there have been no changes to it for many years, it's still the battleground I enjoy the most and I'm hoping one day Blizzard will spend some time on reducing the quest requirements and making *all* the NPC's feared opponents again. :)
02/03/2011 4:51 PMPosted by Aimedskill
I'm an enthusiastic world PvPer, yet I prefer not to instigate. I'd rather take the moral high ground and kill in self defense.

I'll take the moral low ground for an HK. Which doesn't really make it honorable at all...

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